Sam Wilson Scammers, false advertising, and deceptive business practices

Locksmiths beware! The company known as 1-800-UNLOCKS or 1800UNLOCKS with the website, www.1800UNLOCKS is a typical scam operation. They attempted to charge me $250 for just signing up and then an additional monthly fee on top of that to advertise their number for our business!

We have started researching this company several years ago and found that the original owner was duped into selling to the typical Jewish or Israeli outfit that has been scamming the locksmith industry for years. They are currently under investigation by at least 3 states and was recently discovered that they terminated the only original employee because he was against their business conduct.

I would highly recommend that anyone planning on, or have received marketing literature about joining, DO NOT! They claim to perform background checks on people applying, but we were able to speak to 4 companies that are on the hot list of scammers that are currently on their member list. We also spoke to several companies for references and they claim that they have not received any calls from this service, and the ones they did receive were from areas hundreds of miles away! My advice is.if it looks and smells like a ratit most likely is!

Dont be fooled by their sales pitch about how they are different than previous years, nothing has changed except for the original owners who ran the business for decades. These people will take the shirt off your back once signed up. Dont get duped!

Offender: 1800unlocks
Country: USA   State: Virginia   City: Richmond
Phone: 800UNLOCKS8656257
Site: www.1800unlocks.com

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