Macy's Department store located at Antioch TN are the worse I have never shop at a store. And they have a problem giving me a bag to put my return item that from their store so I would not have to walk around with the item in my hand. I was at Macy's store in I had a purchase in I need to return it. The Macy's store I was at they are going out of business and they can not accept or do returns or refund because they are going out of business.

So I had my item in a Dillards bag and I had already spoke with Customer Services about my return item an they explain I had to go to another Macy's to get my refund. I ask the lady if I can have a bag to put my item in and she ask me if she can see my receipt I said ok. NOW REMIND YOU this is not the first time she seen my receipt ok so then she tell me that she can not give me a bag because I have to make a purchase

I explain to her lady I have made a purchase what do you think this is so she still refuse to give me a bag so I can put my item that was already purchase she seen my receipt So what more are you asking me for. So I went to another employee and explain to them what happen and THEY KINDLY GAVE ME A BAG WITHOUT ANY HASSLE. NOW I SEE WHY THEY ARE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS BECAUSE OF PEOPLE THAT THE LADY AT CUSTOMER SERVICES WORTHLESS CUSTOMER SERVICES.

Offender: MACYS
Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Nashville
Phone: 6157315050

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