Why tmobile's customer service has declined

So I have read every report listed on here since I started working for them the beginning of 20404.I've noticed the customer service and number of valid complaints have steadily increased, and I thinker think I can shed sone light on this.

When I started with tmobile, it was seriously all about customer service. We would bend over backwards to make the consumer satisfied, and if we couldn't, we were always told to leave them feelingas though we truely cared. We could be ourselves.

As time went on, tmobile slowly changed policy and procedures in an effort to improve their bottom line, as they have to report to their parent company, deutche telecom. We were losing money. The consumer's issues no longer seemed to matter. The important thing was to get contracts and increase revenue.

To the csr's, they no longer let us be ourselves. We were constantly told what to say and how to say it. Our empowerment declined to the point of No empowerment at all.I just wanted to put in my two cents about why csr's have their hands tied. It's what the company wants.Ps. People, please remember, we deal with 50 to 70 calls per dayOver the course of 7 years, I've heard your complaints. Poor coverage, moving out of coverage, rebate troubles, phone troubles, billing issues, third party providers ect. Two things 1) we are tired of the lies consumers tell us to get out of paying, get out of contracts or get free phones, and 2) consumers need to take responsabiliy. Read your bills monthly, read the contracts thoroughly, pay your bills in a timely fashion and don't wait two weeks to report an issue.Thanks for letting me vent

Offender: Tmobile
Country: USA   State: Washington   City: Bellvue

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