Ineffective product... Deceptive about returns... Watch out

I bought the Dinovite Liquid for large dogs in November of 2011 after hearing so much about it on the radio. My ten year old boxer mix was suffering from itchy and extremely foul smelling skin... he couldn't even sleep through the night without awaking and rolling around on his back trying to scratch.

I used the Dinovite as directed for a full 90 days, with no improvement whatsoever. At the end of 90 days, and at the advice of a knowledgeable friend, I tried a regular Omega 3-6-9 supplement from Walmart. (Over the counter) Within a week or so, his hair was shining and he was sleeping and playing peacefully, not being tormented by the continuous need to roll and scratch. He also stopped stinking like death. We were elated for him!

I contacted Dinovite and requested a refund as per their guarantee. The first email I got back from them was questioning me as to what I feed my dog and so forth, trying to find a reason not to pay the refund and blame it on something I was doing. After explaining in full, again, they issued me a return authorization number and told me as soon as I ship my empty box to them??, they will issue my refund. I sent the box to them via USPS priority mail and watched the tracking number. A while after it showed to be delivered, I still hadn't heard from them, so i emailed them again. They told me they had never received my return box (and they won't refund you without it). I provided her with the USPS click and ship delivery receipt showing it HAD been delivered. She then told me that it had NOT been delivered, but she will issue refund anyway. How kind!

I still have not received refund as of now. No surprise.

Offender: Dinovite
Country: USA   State: Kentucky   City: Crittenden
Address: 101 Miller Dr
Phone: 8594281000
Site: www.dinovite.com

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