Hal Bulter
Actuarial Innovations, Inc. Questionable business practices & consumer warning

If you don't want to read this whole report, here is the summary: Hal Butler is more interested in getting a check from you with a b-line to his bank account than he is in helping prepare you for an actuarial/medical career with successful job placement. Do not buy-in to his services or promises. It would better suit you to simply google how to be an actuary and inform yourself. Hal is a salesman for his bank account and in my opinion is a man of very poor character who engages in business practices which reflect a personal lack of empathy and ethics.

I was introduced to Hal Butler a few years ago and was eagerly searching for a career path as I was recently out of school at the time. I was good at mathematics and had an interest in the sciences, so when I saw Hal Butler's post from Actuarial Innovations/Medical Innovations (which has now moved to Actuary Resources), I was excited about perhaps pursuing a career in this area given the educational and job placement resources presented by his website.

I met with Hal and he informed me that I would be enrolled in a class of my choice to prepare me for the actuarial exam. I was also informed that it can be a challenging exam. Hal informed me that after succesful completion of the exam I would be in good hands with him as he would assist in my job search and job placement. He said that he had job opportunities in a lot of areas and in multiple locations even if I were looking to leave the Nashville area.

Hal also informed me that I would need to pay him an initial fee of $300 (was a bit over that but I don't remember how much) that would cover the cost of his services as well as the class that I would enroll with. He said that upon completion of the exam I could get some of this money back. Hal also emphasized a time constraint on when I would need to present my payment.

I was extremely naive at the time and I delievered the check to him and also purchased an actuarial study book online with the thought that I would pursue this path, pass the exam and enjoy the fruits of Hal Butler's labor in assisting me to find a job.

It was at this time that I met a young man that had personally attended one of Hal Bulter's review courses (not his course personally but he does endorse them quite enthusiastically) and had also attempted to be an instructor for the course. He informed me that the students in the class were extremely underprepared (hadn't studied mathematics in school) and that the instructors were sub-par in their training as well. This man presented to me information that was essential knowledge for anyone interested in a career in actuarial science. It is a very difficult career path and you must pass several tiers of exams that are more challenging than the CPA exam.

After completing some research and speaking with the Better Business Bureau (who said that his business practices were "questionable"), I decided to confront Hal to obtain a refund. Hal denied my refund and also made it clear that I was given enough information to make an educated decision on this. I disagreed and informed him that he presented false promises. I also mentioned that I would engage a professional and perhaps seek litigation. Hal responded with, "Buddy, you can come at me with what you want, but I have measures in place for this. Good luck." I told him that I did not respect him as a person and that I hoped he would not take advantage of anyone else.

Several years later, he is still doing it.....

Offender: Hal Bulter
Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Lebanon
Address: 115 North Castle Heights Ave
Phone: 6153605171
Site: www.actuaryresources.org

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