Nixon Watch Co.
Billabong International DON'T BUY they take part in NEGLIGENCE and HIGHLY POOR Customer Service by Lead and Team "Your value means nothing"

Do not waste your time or money purchasing a watch from Nixon. Once you spend your money consider it a waste. Their customer service team is horrible and their Team Lead (Daniel Escobar) will do nothing to address your concerns.
I submitted a service request not long after getting a white 51-30 Tide watch because it had been losing time and there were problems with the band not staying clasped. In the initial submission I clicked that it was OK for them to send me a replacement if needed. Once the service order was sent in via e-mail I noticed that I had mistakenly clicked the box and upon shipping called Nixon to address my concern.

When I spoke to the customer service rep I addressed my issue I had with mistakenly clicking the replacement box when I did not want that. I told them about the sentimental value of my watch because of the person who gave it to me and how it meant a lot. They assured me they would change the status and it would be taken care of.Before the service was completed I had recieved an email stating that they were sending me a replacement watch and it had shipped. I called immediately to discuss the situation and ask about the watch I sent in and all they could say was it goes to be recycled but hey your getting a new replacement. With placing 2 calls before service even started to make sure that they would handle my watch with care and not disregard it made think that they would stand behind their word. I spent endless amounts of time on the phone expressing how much the watch meant to me and that I wanted the exact same one I sent in back.

There was no going back once they sent me the replacement cause my original watch couldn't be found. I took the new one and wore it although it wasn't the same and the last piece I had as a gift was gone and the value I placed on it erased. It was erased because of pure negligence by Nixon customer service team. A simple mistake that was said to have been fixed really wasn't and they could care less what that watch meant to me.

Almost a year later the replacement watch I had was starting to have some of the same problems my first one did. In between this I had purchased another Nixon watch and upon receiving it had to send it right back because it was not working. A gift I bought that had to be delayed 2 weeks because they sent me a dead watch. Talk about letting someone down by giving them a gift and saying hold on you cant have it I need to send this back because I ordered it and they sent me A BROKEN DEAD watch. Great example of quality control by Nixon.

Back to the replacement that I was now needing to send in for the same repairs, it brought back some feelings I had towards Nixon in the way they handled my initial watch. I called the customer service team talked it over with them and they set up a service order. This time I checked the replacement box because the watch I was sending in was a replacement and had no meaning or value to me.

THeir customer service lead Daniel Escobar called me to talk about what had happened in the first service where they recycled my watch. He expressed that Nixon was sorry that happened and they will make this service pleasant. Well expressing how sorry you are doesn't bring that watch back or the meaning and value I placed on it.
Throughout the service process Daniel kept in touch with me but even after emailing him many times and leaving several voicemails explaining while at work the best way to contact me was by email he never used this route until I finally left a voicemail and sent a direct email to him.

Other companies have asked to do things and want to send stuff for their mistakes even when its overcharging or forgetting to ship an item in your order. I never really wanted any of that but in this case Nixon and the customer service team lost a valuable item to me, maybe not to them but in my eyes it was priceless. Compare it to your mom passing down a ring or necklace that was in the family or a last gift and then having it cleaned or serviced and the company just recycles it and gives you a replacement. I think many people would agree with me that it is something they would like to have fixed in some way.

Since the service I recieved a replacement and discussed with Daniel a few times about what happened and each time he would go back saying I clicked the box, but knowing that I have called in multiple times after doing so to show that I wanted it reversed. I have phone records to prove the dates I called along with my original service invoice. He also stated that nixon asks you upon placing your service request if the items have value sentimental or not which in no place does it ask that. I have screen shots and all paperwork from Nixon that does not show these type of questions anywhere and have it referenced to his emails to show the falsifying of information and procedures by Nixon.
There were a couple emails after that discussing how to work this out until it stopped. I told Daniel that I would like to be compensated due to the negligence and lack of concern with any of the items I addressed at any stage in the process. When I had no response I decided to talk to an Attorney.Once I stated this in an email I never recieved a response back from Daniel and after numerous attempts to reach him I still have yet to hear anything. I will wait for a response before taking the file that I have composed with all communication and communication records, photos, and screen shots and moving onto the next steps in trying to reach a resolution.

Bottom line is I have had to send the same style watch back for the same problems as well as a third due to being sent a dead watch. Their quality is poor and their customer service even poorer. Don't waste your time or money with them, please purchase elsewhere from a company that will stand by their products, quality, and customer service.

Offender: Nixon Watch Co.
Country: USA   State: California   City: Encinitas
Address: 701 South Coast Hwy
Phone: 7609440900

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