Raz Focus
Shawn Michaels Internet nanny ad. After e-mail exchanges, request to buy Nintendo as gift for daughter upon arrival from Belgium. Would mail money order.

I answered as ad for nanny position through an online nanny service. A position came up about 45 minutes from my home. I applied and the father (who did all correspondence), asked for my zip code to see how far from away I was from them. Then he says his family will be at an address only 2 blocks from me. I thought I read ad wrong, as I believed they were not so close. I checked the address and saw the house was for sale.

He claimed he and his wife have one daughter about 5 years old. They are wine importers, would be very busy setting up here, as they were moving here from Belgium. I was offered 3 options for a working schedule, and the hourly wage was within what I was willing to take.

At this point they were removed from the nanny job site. The site would not divulge why they were removed, only they violated terms of agreement. Because I had already applied I went ahead with correspondence, and in one e-mail asked why the removal from site. They did not answer that question, however I had many questions going back and forth and did not think too much about it (after all they were from Belgium and may be unfamiliar with the way we might do things here?).

I was accepted quickly and felt suspicious about that and told them that I had thanked them for the offer, but hadn't really accepted. Did not hear back for a week or so. I e-mailed back, thinking I sure would like a job 2 blocks away at the wage and hours I wanted. I asked if we should proceed. I still had questions, wanted a written contract, etc.

Then he asked that I buy a Nintendo and 7 game discs for the daughter as a gift upon their arrival. I did not think this unusual, as in previous positions I was often in charge of purchases and gifts. I checked prices for him. He then said his associate in the states would send money order for $350.00 for purchases.

Then I get a totally illiterate, terribly grammatically incoherent e-mail, using a different font than previously used. This tipped me off. I searched a few sites for his name and found he was apparently scamming women on a Doula site. Reported this to a nanny fraud site. I cancelled all negotiations with him. He writes back that he is sending money order next day. I e-mail again, in all caps, that all negotiations are off.

Got the Fed Ex envelope today. Called number on return and it is not working. Googled address and there is no RazFocus Co. at that address. In envelope were 2 money orders, each for $870.00. Much more than what he said he would send.

I found this site on web searching the company under fraud.(Previously, when I had tried googling him, it only brought up a wrestler by that name). As one poster on your site did concerning money orders, I am going to take this to post office and have them run a check.

Offender: Raz Focus
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Internet Houston
Address: 9950 Westpark Drive
Phone: 8320900990
Site: shawnmichaels@me.com

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