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Tax resolution scam

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I hired Robert Hall & Associates (a tax services company) on March 9, 2010 to handle a large tax debt ($17,000). I was assured the first day that all of my tax debt would be eliminated. I was advised not to worry about it anymore and to ignore any documents I might receive from the IRS and State.

Further, I was assured that my tax problem would be resolved in 3-4 months. Due to my poor financial state, I was advised that my balance would be put into uncollectable status.

Well things did not happen like that. I continued to receive threatening notices indicating bank levy, lien, etc. I contacted the tax adviser, Andrew Park, almost weekly to see how things were going. He did not initiate a single update. After 6 months of no resolve, I tried switching to another tax adviser in their office who accepted the task with great enthusiasm. The next week I called, I found he was on vacation. No update, no reference of the task to someone who would be covering for him. I started emailing both tax advisors hoping for results when suddenly I was advised to come into to file my personal tax return right away instead of waiting for the extension in October 2010. I filed September 14, 2010. I was informed that this is all the IRS was waiting for before finalizing the uncollectable status.

I was originally charged $500 for complete tax resolution. The tax preparer then wanted to charge me an additional $1100 for tax preparation and resolution and the tax return would be submitted to the IRS in 3 weeks. 3 months later, the return was finally ready. They stated they "were busy." On January 12, 2011, an IRS Lien was placed on my social security number. I was assigned a new tax adviser who took over the handling of my tax resolution and the filing of a 1045 carryback. I gave them a total of $1600 to resolve my tax problem. Numerous times, I was told that the entire amount owed to the IRS would be completely eradicated and that in addition, I would receive a refund of $10,000 to $12,000. I was skeptical because I did not know how I could get a refund when I didn't pay in any tax. And I continued to question them and I was reassured every single time that, indeed, I would receive a refund that I could then use to pay off the State of California. I have one such confirmation in writing.

The only problem was--they were wrong! In late January 2011, the tax adviser finally conceded that I would not be receiving a refund and that there would still be a balance remaining of $12,500. He was certain that he could get an uncollecatble status with the IRS and that I could setup payment arrangements with the State.

In March 2011, relatives stepped in and loaned me enough money to pay off the IRS and State. When I mentioned this to Robert Hall & Associates tax advisor (Phil Duncan), he accused me of misleading him and lying about my capability to pay. I was so mad. Frankly, I had no idea this was even a possibility. The next day, I fired Robert Hall & Associates.

In order to get a balance of the exact amount of tax due, it was up to me to call the IRS. They told me because I had ignored the notices, I was being charged $100 per day interest and penalties. I had a check to them in 7 days.

Robert Hall & Associates is inexperienced at best when it comes to tax resolution. I was shocked by their responses and lack of information and updating. Instead of accepting responsibility for their many errors and misinformation, they chose to lay that all on me as if being in that situation and having to deal with them and the IRS and the State was not enough. Shame on Robert Hall & Associates.

With interest and penalities, my tax debt grew by 1/3 (over $3000) while in the care of Robert Hall & Associates.

Offender: Robert Hall & Associates
Country: USA   State: California   City: Glendale
Address: 300 West Glenoaks Blvd Ste 200

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