Sacor Financial
NCA sued and out of business, Sacor founded to continue NCA's unethical business practices with same attorney

NCA is back under an alias, Sacor. Same business architecture, same unethical and illegal collection practices and, I believe, same attorney. The difference is that they have not been put out of business, yet. NCA was sued and ordered to cease business. A sharp attorney for NCA, John Pugh, kept his involvement and influence disguised well enough to keep himself out of jail

NCA was awarded a judgment against me as I did not make my court date. That is, a court date I never knew existed. I was never served notice to appear in court despite documents provided to the court with an incorrect description of me.

Here is my ordeal with NCA. I had credit card debt with MBNA. I believe MBNA, prior to their sale to Bank of America, structured a sale of debt deal with NCA where MBNA's agreements with customer payment arrangements would not be observed by NCA. As a consequence, demands for full payments were immediately made by NCA. I was caught in that trap, and despite full compliance with payment arrangements I had made with MBNA, received a demand for full payment by NCA.

I told NCA that I was not capable of retiring the debt in full and that payment arrangements had been made with MBNA. NCA threatened to sue. I agreed and felt an opportunity to discuss the circumstances in court would be positively acknowledged with a payment arrangement enforced by the court. As I was never aware of the court date did not appear, NCA received a full judgement, a levy on my bank account that effectively cost me ownership of my home. This is a practice that was common with NCA.

Sacor and NCA are of the same DNA. For the protection of those who will be harassed and subject to illegal collection tactics and legal charges, I am putting together a website to track collection tactics used by Sacor. For those who legitimately owe money and are treated within the boundaries of the law, this site will not serve much benefit. For those of us, and I am sure there will be many, who have or will be served illegally or subject to harassment, the site will track these events in an effort to demonstrate a pattern of behavior inconsistent with legal practices.

I am reaching out to ex employees of NCA to assist with the exposure of illegal practices used by NCA that could influence the way Sacor conducts business.

For those who would like to contact me regarding NCA and or Sacor, please respond to

To complaint, I greatly appreciate your site and the opportunity it presents to consumers whos voices would not normally be heard. I hope you will leave my email contact information embedded in this report as the site I am constructing is a repository for collecting and organizing data that will help those of us victimized by companies like NCA with information the law can enforce.

As you can see from the text I have cut and pasted from the Sacor site below, they will leverage the law to extremes to collect money. In the case of NCA, collection efficiencies gained through illegal practices were common. It is my goal to insure that Sacor plays by the rules and is subject to stiff penalties when making errors with identity, harassment or conducting business illegally, e.g. earning judgment awards based on serving notices of court dates that are never reach the individuals being served.

From the Sacor website:

We evaluate each claim carefully aiming to maximize its collection potential

Intrusive skip trace, consumer contact and asset location services are a standard part of our collection progress

Legal collections when authorized and desired by our clients boost our liquidation rates for above the normIn house legal capacity is augmented by our worldwide network of attorney relationships

You can expect to recover 20-30% more net dollars back to your when you use SACOR

Offender: Sacor Financial
Country: USA   State: California   City: Roseville
Address: 1911 Douglas Blvd. 85-126
Phone: 8665560231

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