Jesus Diaz, diaz,,,, diazspamovers,com Unethically Using The Intenet

We started my website in 2009, even though I had been in the industry since 1992. Part of the web site is services we provide, we have a full page dedicated to such services.

In Jan, 2011 we realized we were no longer ranking on the first page like we used to in different search engines. The Fact of the matter is we were nowhere to be found under the key words we used to be found under.

In April of 2011, I was looking under the same key words we used to show up under, All I seen in the first 5 pages is,, and I noticed they were 90% of the choices on the 1st 5 pages! Under; spa movers San Diego

I decided to click on one, and when I opened it, I was floored; this site had word for word the exact text that my web page has. Like it was copied and pasted. My web designer and I think that since Mr. Diaz site is older than ours, the search engine after noticing we had the exact verbage they kicked ours to the curb, because it's a newer site (not sure it's a theory).

This industry is a very small, and when you have been in it as long as I have you know a lot of people in it. Although I had heard of, I did not know Jesus Diaz, It took me 2 days to get his cell #. I called, emailed, no response. Finally I got a call, a week later, I told him to take it down immediately. He said (in very broken English) his web designer had done it, that he didn't know nothing about it. That he had paid the designer $5000 to do his site (as we all know no designer will EVER copy another site, but I guess Mr. Diaz thought that I would fall for it). A week went buy and nothing. Later he emailed me, and said his web guy could not do it until Friday. I said that was not acceptable, another week went by. As of today it's still up. That's when I found out about complaint and decided to report it.

The more I asked around, the more I found out about Mr. Diaz. Allegedly he's an illegal alien, (that has not been confirmed, wait for follow up report), I found out he does his own web sites. His liability insurance on his site is expired, uses the internet unethically, (tries to monopolize) giving consumers little or no other choice but his own sites.

Country: USA   State: California   City: San Marcos
Address: 1910 N Twin Oaks alley Rd.
Phone: 8009837727

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