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I bought a GE Water Heater from Home Depot and through Home Depot I had it professionally installed. Final cost was about $1775. About 2 years later, no hot water. I called PG&E they came out to re-ignite the pilot light, told me it would not stay on, so I needed to call the manufacturer. I called GE/Home Depot; they wanted to help me troubleshoot by asking what was wrong. I told them. However, no diagnostic was done... they just told me that I needed to take the "burner assembly" completely out to verify. I said, sorry what is the burner assembly? They said, if you can't take it out, have someone who can to help you. I said I don't know anyone who can help me. They said, then hire a "plumber" to take it out. I said, I am a customer, I have no clue how to take the water heater apart. They even said "I am not making you do it, if you can't do it, get someone else to do it". Needless to say I was upset. Later I talked to a different person and get the same runaround. I ended up hiring a contractor ($139) to come out and take a look. It took him a few minutes to determine the problem... he then called GE/Home Depot to have them send out the part. When I get the part, I need to call the contractor back to install... there will be another charge for coming out, plus the labor cost for installing the part. Total about $250. If a Water Heater made by GE and sold by Home Depot with 12-year warranty, why do I have to go through such pain to get it repaired? And at my own cost? Should anyone even buy a GE Water Heater from Home Depot?

Offender: Home Depot
Country: USA   State: California   City: San Jose
Address: 635 W Capitol Expressway
Phone: 4089781099

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