Jaclo Decorative Plumbing
Defective Sink Strainers Get Replaced Entirely At My Cost

I had my home rebuilt after a fire in '09. I ordered (2) oil rubbed bronze strainers for my kitchen sink through Denver Hardware. The strainers are manufactured by a company called Jaclo in Cranford, New Jersey. I paid a plumber to install these strainers in the kitchen sink. He said he had one hell of a time putting them in because I have a custom sink. The oil rubbed bronze "finish", which is actually paint started peeling off the strainers right down to the brass. I didn't put anything unusual down the sinks, nothing caustic. The only thing I poured down there was hot water when straining noodles. That is standard use and shouldn't cause the finish to peel off.

I called Denver Hardware and the next nightmare began. They acknowledged that Jaclo had send out a bunch of bad strainers and that this had happened to other customers. According to them, I was to stop everything I had going on, which was a lot, because of the pending insurance issues... plus, uninstall the drains myself (as if I know how to do this or have the time) or pay a plumber to uninstall them. Then I had the privilege to either drive 36 miles from my house to Denver Hardware or drive into town and ship the drains and leave my sink unusable for x number of days until they can get me the replacement drains. Guess who gets to pay for my time, the driving, the shipping, and the plumber? I told them that I could not drop what I was doing to spend time managing this now. The Denver Hardware goddess on the other end of the phone said that I was abusing her and she hung up on me. She can get off her butt from behind her desk and drive to my place and uninstall these things if it's so simple.

I waited a little over a month until I got the other issues with the insurance company completed and then called the Jaclo company. The options I was given were to deal with Denver Hardware or send the strainers to the Jaclo company directly. Again... guess who gets to uninstall the strainers (I know nothing about how to do this. How am I going to do it when the plumber had a hard time?) or pay for a plumber, drive 36 miles to Denver Hardware or pay to ship the strainers, have 2 holes in my sink for how long, reinstall the strainers or pay to have a plumber come out...again.

Jaclo puts out these defective parts and has no responsibility or conscience about the time and expense to the customer. Jaclo knows that these parts are defective. If this is what made in the USA has become, then it's no wonder this country is sinking and it's no wonder everything is being produced over seas. Companies have no pride or sense of customer service anymore. If these companies close, then so be it. They deserve it for putting out such crap and not backing their products. I'm not dealing with Denver Hardware anymore or Jaclo. It's going to end up costing me about the same to pay a plumber to replace the damn strainers with a better quality product from a different company and have my sink usable in the same day.

Thanks for the added expense and trouble Jaclo and Denver Hardware.

Offender: Jaclo Decorative Plumbing
Country: USA   State: New Jersey   City: Cranford
Phone: 8008523906
Site: www.jaclo.com

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