Folkner Danes
Kim Folkner Don't meet the demands of this breeder......well, read what she'll do!

Beware buyers of the outrageous behavior of the breeder!

Let me explain this very unusual report, it's not a ripoff, just a HUGE warning. I found Folkner Danes on puppyfind. I called Kim (breeder) to inquire about one of the puppies she had for sale. The puppy was a lethal white Great Dane. If you don't know what that is, google it. I won't get into my thoughts on that. Anyway, the baby is pure white (not normal for a Dane), she is deaf & blind. Honestly, that's not the problem, I chose to purchase this baby. I have a special place in my heart for special needs animals.

The problem started when it came close to my baby (Hope is her name) to come home. Kim told me that a few of the pups in Hope's litter were sick. I panicked & asked her to put Hope into quarantine. I then ask if I could arrange to get her a few days earlier than planned. I just wanted my baby out of whatever sickness was going on.

If I'm not mistaken, I even think one of the pups passed away. Kim, said basically no to getting my baby a little earlier. She said it was a strict standard that all pups go home when they're exactly eight weeks old. I argued that a few days didn't make any difference & besides I wanted my baby while she was still healthy & out of that situation.

I did get my baby a few days early, but the dealings with Kim (breeder) were very unpleasant.

Now, to get to the point of all of this. Hope (puppy) is almost a year old. During all of this time Kim has NEVER inquired about how she was doing even knowing that Hope is blind & deaf. Really, didn't expect to hear from her especially with us not being on good terms. Actually, planned to NEVER deal with her & her control issues ever again.

Here's the kicker, I got an e-mail from her (almost a year into my baby's life), she wanted me to send her a picture of
Hope. I told her that Hope is doing great & no I would not take the time to send her any pictures because one, how strange to care after all of that time, two, I told her that we had left the transaction on very unpleasant terms & to never contact me again.

So, I will not say what I would love to say about my thoughts of this person. But, I will copy & paste her e-mails & leave them for you to make a judgment call on. The second e-mail is the wrath of Kim if you don't follow her commands. As a breeder & seller of dogs, she seems to think that she has some kind of ownership or control of the puppy that you purchase from her for I guess, the rest of the puppy's life. I don't see purchasing a rabbit, gerbil or ferret from Petco, then they demand an update & picture of it after almost a year, actually never would expect them to ever ask....LOL!

Kim states that it's a requirement when you purchase one of her dogs. Never heard of that. I can see if you purchase one & feel you would like to send a picture to let her see how much the baby has grown. But as the buyer, I think that's purely up to us & if you especially have a bad encounter with the breeder......well, call me crazy, but most would choose to NOT ever be in contact with the breeder again.

Anyway, read below. I'll leave it up to you on whether you would want to deal with someone that has this kind of mentality. Make note of the spellings....

I would like to see some updated pictures of Hope I have not heard from you since you've gotten her. Please let me know and feel she is okay Also would love updates and pic's of both the girls please.

Thank You,
Kimberly Folkner


The last line in her e-mail below is insane.....she says, "Note....DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN. She contacted me first.......freaky!

YOU ARE ONE PATHETIC WOMAN!!! I will tell everyone I know not to ever sell to u no owner why ur husband left your a physic witch!!! U r lucky I.gave that dog to you if it.was my decision she would be in another home. You knew my.requirements but good luck I have ur contact info I will spread threw the internet. NOTE.... DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN


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