Natural Current
Sunny Side Pool and Spa BUYER BEWARE Product does NOT work-- SCAM!

Mike Evingham is the owner of Natural Current and Sunny Side Pools. The Savior (Natural Current product) does NOT work. I have used this product multiple times. You will see your chemicals disappear before your eyes. He also states you will no longer need your filter.. LIE. You will need to run your filter for hours a day, you will most likely need multiple Saviors, and if you haven't noticed-- it is HUGE and is not something you would want appearance wise in your pool.

Do not be fooled by his marketing techniques-- this man is a con artist and a despicable human being. If you have ever worked with him, I am sure you know that if you "annoy" him at all (which could be something as simple as calling him while he is "busy") he will scream and curse at you.

I feel so bad for his employees. He had a nice young man working for him for about a year who cleaned every pool (100 in a week!). His employee was very attentive and nice and did everything to help. He actually became kind of a part of our family and he shared with us that he was frequently not paid for his work but would still have to work for free. See what I mean by despicable.

Don't waste your time or money. His employee lost his home, car, and eventually had to move back home-- to CHICAGO all because of this man. If you think he wouldn't treat you this way, you are wrong. He has charged me MULTIPLE times for chemical treatments, filter cleanings, etc worth hundreds of dollars that were never done! Now he has started his new company "Natural Current" and it is the worst of them all.


Offender: Natural Current
Country: USA   State: California   City: Dana Point
Phone: 9496364358

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