Move 4 less
Worst company eve

Ok lets set the record straight, and by the way this site is for ANYONE, ex employees included. Bieng one of this company I can tell you exactly how your move will go. Do they store your stuff in a trailer outside, no. Do they have climate controled storage no. Thier first step is to give you a low price to attract you to thier web site or to call. After you have listened to Darlene, Paul or god forbid poor Fabiola and they have given you thier pitch ( and are instructed by ownership not to include the gas surcharge ) you will never speak to that person again. On the day of your move when the price goes up,and it will, you will deal with a one of 2 very nasty rude people. Either Moti or Avvi. ( thats right I am calling you out by NAME ) as mine will be on this report as well. They will tell you when you have more items (if you dont they will find some) and are then asked for a fuel tax which even if you specifically ask you will be told there is none. Try and call and get that poor little girl they had lie to you (darlene that aint you) You will be told I am the owner and thats how it works take it or leave it. Doesnt matter if you have made flight arrangments, travel plans or whatever if you dont agree to pay they will drive away, leaving you and your belongings to seek another route. They dont believe they can compete without liying which is sad because they could.

Lets touch on how they treat thier employees, no water, no coffee and your are not ALLOWED to listen to music, no matter how soft. You are discourged, if not told straight out not to speak to your fellow co workers, get back on the phone we dont pay you minimum wage for nothing! I personally had a client that I lied to and tried to call me and was told she could not speak to me as they were uping the charge for her move ( challenge me on this and I will post her emails right here, contract or no) she could not understood why I lied about the fuel charge and either could I, as i was told there was none. These are not nice people they dont care anything about you much less who works for them. Now if on move day you refuse to pay the "extra" fees it all depends on if they already have a truck going that way if you refuse and tell them to leave. If it means filling a trailer they will "waive" the fees and take you if not good luck. My advice is to anyone looking for a mover in Vegas go with someone who has the courtesy ( and balls ) to disclose the fuel surcharge. I mean do think with the price of gas you arent going to have to pitch in? All in all this is a bait and switch company run by Israeli Natzis who think they can do what they want to people. It doesnt work this way. Karma is a MF and you can kiss that little thing on the door all you want but if you end up in heaven I would rather go to hell. And check out the FMCSA web site and ask why they had 3 involuntary revocations on thier insurance in 2005 2006. Its because they were running a chop shop to try and bulid a company. Save your money. Find some honest people to deal with. As far as move 4 more go back to selling Gyros and falafals, people arent so hurt if you serve bad food but when you make thier move a living nightmare it hurts. Most dishonest company I ever worked for.

Offender: Move 4 less
Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Las vegas
Address: 4185 w post rd las vegas,nevada

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