Problems with billing

This is an email I sent to Comcast: I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with Comcast's service. I placed an order last month through the internet. I ordered digital preferred with HBO for 39.99/month for six months and high speed internet for 19.99/month for six months. The installation fee was 29.99. I did not receieve an email confirmation so I called the office and the rep confirmed the rates for me. These rates are STILL on your website. I paid the technician 92.93 after installation for installation and first month's charges as the rep told me I had to. This was on 06/08/2008. I just received a statement yesterday with completely different rates and was charged again for JUNE-JULY and for July-August. The rates are the normal rates. To solve the issue, I first contacted my local office at 202-635-5100. After half an hour, I was told by both the representative and the supervisor that since I ordered this online, it could only be solved online through a customer service rep as they did not have the codes for internet promos. They could not even provide me with a phone number to contact for online support. So I got on the internet and signed onto your chat system. I spoke with a representative for nearly an hour only to be told that they too do not have the necessary codes and I would have to contact my local office. I told her MANY times that I ALREADY called my local office and they were of no help. The chat rep insisted, however, that I call my local office as they would be the only ones that could help me. I was given this number: 301-424-4400. The chat rep was completely UNHELPFUL. I have a print out of the transcript. I then called this number to be told the same thing, that this could only be solved online because the local office does not have access to internet promo codes. This promo has not expired. IT IS ON YOUR CURRENT WEBSITE. I do not understand how it is possible that no one has the codes for CURRENT promos. Are you just lying about these promos then? I was told by the local office to go to the local payment center with a copy of my work order as proof that I had in fact ordered those rates. Everyone has been USELESS and unable to help me. It is ridiculous for a company of Comcast's caliber to not have a copy of my work order for a rep to pull up. It is further unacceptable for the company to not have an account of what my 92.93 was for. All the reps told me that while they saw I had paid 92.93, they had absolutely no idea what it was for. I have wasted nearly 2 hours this morning trying to resolve this with absolutely no progress. Now I have to go home to get the work order during my lunch break, come back to work, then take the bus and train to go to the payment center with the HOPE that it MAY be solved, no guarantees. This is the first time, I am having to go to an office to resolve a billing issue. This is unacceptable. IS THERE ANYTHING YOU CAN DO? WHY DOESN'T ANYONE HAVE CODES THAT YOU ADVERTISE ON YOUR WEBSITE? I AM MOST LIKELY GOING TO CANCEL COMCAST, BUT NOT BEFORE THIS ISSUE IS RESOLVED TO MY SATISFACTION.

Offender: Comcast
Country: USA   State: All USA

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