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The most sophisticated fake ID scams eve

These scammers changed there web address from .com to .org so I am reposting this so people can still be informed about there scam still.




I was scammed out of $160 by 2 of the most sophisticated fake id sites ever camouflageids.com and noveltyidforum.org.

I paid them $160 through e-gold and and I was promised to have my id shipped right out from the time I paid them. Well 7 days went by and nothing in the mail. I emailed camouflage but never got a response. After 4 weeks of trying & trying I just gave up. These scumbags scammed me and I am pissed. I had been scammed and there was nothing that I could do about it because e-gold is non-refundable.

The sneakiest part is how they scam unsuspecting people like me. I didn't find a lot of this out until after I was scammed but noveltyidforum is a site dedicated to writing false reviews to trick the buyer into ordering from their other scam site camouflageids which steals people money and never delivers product. They make sure to accept e-gold because it is non refundable. They might switch over to another non-refundable online digital currency service because of e-gold getting semi shutdown right now because so many scammers use e-gold like these scam artists do.

This scam run by camouflageids and noveltyidforum is a resurfaced scam that took place for a long time. A while back there was a scammer forum site called www.fakeidman.org & it's partner site www.phonyid.com. Fakeidman.org was a scam forum built for the sole purpose of directing people to buy from the scam site phonyid.com. Fakeidman.org scam forum had hundreds of false threads as well as thousands of false posts.

Noveltyidforum is the same exact scam right down to the tee, noveltyidforum has hundreds of false threads with thousands of false posts to direct people to the scam site camouflageids. It's the same scammer writing all of the phony posts.

These greedy scammers go through great lengths to get your money and scam you. Here is some more details so you don't get scammed like I did, I didn't even see it coming but I hope I can save you money so you don't get ripped off like I did. I'm so mad it's not even funny. Fakeidman.org even had a section listing a bunch of competitor scam sites to try and make themselves look legit as well as make there competitor scam sites look bad.

Noveltyidforum has the same exact thing on there scam site. Noveltyidforum and camouflageids are run by the same guy who ran fakeidman.org and phonyid.com. The scammer just brought back the same scam again but under different names this time.

There is no mention of fakeidman.org and phonyid.com in the scammer section of noveltyidforum. Noveltyidforum also won't allow any posts to be made about fakeidman.org and phonyid.com because they run the same scam. These scammers really have gone through great lengths to trick people, I decided to take a risk with them and got burned. This is the 2nd time I have been burned by scammers. I am losing all hope of ever finding a fake id.

There are also stories that these scams go deeper than the surface, possibly identity theft. This camouflage guy who also goes under the name "Digital Chaos & "DC" & "l3ushwig" is a member of cardersmarket which is the biggest identity theft site on the planet. I've heard people say that camouflage sells the people that he scams info on cardersmarket for big bucks.

Camouflageids & noveltyidforum are suppose to be set up so that they record your internet protocol address which is used for snooping packets that he uses to search for files on your hard drive that he could use. I was pissed when I heard that he sells your photo that you email him along with your home shipping address, phone number, e-gold #, I.P. address, plus god knows what else he sells of yours. But he has been said to sell it on cardersmarket site and people then use that for identity theft.

Carders market is a multi million dollar crime syndicate. The F.B.I. busts the site quite frequently. If I could get my hands on the guy who scammed me it would not be good for him. It seems impossible to find an online seller that is legitimate. Every time some scammer pops up like these slimeballs.

www.camouflageids.com is a scam www.noveltyidforum.org is a scam . They are simply www.fakeidman.org & www.phonyid.com rehashed all over again. I hope that this review was helpful to you in your search for a fake id so you don't get ripped off too. These scumbags should be put in jail for scamming.

Please view my original post at the link below to read how these scam artists scammed other people like me also, don't let this happen to you like it did me.


Offender: www.camouflageids.com / www.noveltyidforum.org
Country: USA   State: All USA

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