Chennai trading & supermart Pvt Ltd, Singapore
Foreign job cheating company

Dear sir / Madam, I myself is a Singaporean, I have some courage after getting Singapore citizenship to make spread the fraud activities of CHENNAI TRADING AND SUPERMART PTE LTD, 25, Campbell lane Singapore 209898. This complaint also I write from Singapore soil.
I am very thankful for giving your valuable attention and precious time to read on my complaint about these fraudulent persons who operate illegally in the name of recruitment.

As an officer from the ministry it is very easy and simple for you to nab these persons and the entire network. In little India, Campbell lane, they are running the Chennai super mart. They use to bring the educated persons from Indian state of Tamil nadu by getting nearly 2,50,000 Indian rupees after providing Employment pass or S-pass into the Singapore. The entire job they giving to the educated persons are loading and unloading and cleaning the super mart.

If the candidate not accepts to do this job, they easily tell them to go India by left the entire amount which they paid to get this Pass to Singapore. There is a small dispensary in little india where Govindan has much influence about all the medical records and medical operations though he never known anything about the medicine. Govindan is just a middle man who matches innocent graduates into this illegal laborious network by commission basis. The shop owner Moorthy is the main culprit in this case since he benefits some 80% of the money the candidate paid for this cheating job. Govindan is an agent for moorthye in his many works since Govindan has not any stipulated or standard work in Singapore.

They operate nothing in the legal manner. Govindan has many sub-agents in India who approaches the candidate and gets Indian money without any voucher finally this money ended with Moorthy through Govindan. I request you sir, please bring the CHENNAI TRADING AND SUPERMART PTE LTD, 25, Campbell lane Singapore 209898 under your scanner for a short period so that your department could easily understand the illegal operations they are being done. The shop owner moorthey is thinking that he has exceptional immunity from the Singapore law enforcement departments since he is the citizen of Singapore. I firmly believe that your necessary and timely action might teach him that not to play with innocent graduates’ career from the state of Tamilnadu, India. Everyone thinking that after perusal of the Pass of Singapore, they are going to have a good job in this developed nation. Once they landed in Singapore they realize that they have been cheated by these
felony person’s false assurance.

Govindan, (Mob:92448303), Moorthy (Mob:91261787)

Clarification regarding the illegal, cheating, shrouding Nataraj employment agency in the developed country of Singapore. I really do not know the address since the crooked recruiter "Govindan (Mobile: 92448303) never divulge any information to the candidate he brought from India. Some time he uses to tell that he himself a Singaporean, sometime he tells that he was Permanent Resident of this country. But he is only S-pass holder and earning his livelihood through not in the stipulated manner. He has contract with some shop owners like Moorthy (Mobile : 91261787) of CHENNAI TRADING AND SUPERMART PTE LTD, 25, Campbell lane Singapore 209898. His only aim is to make happy of his boss by fetching 2,50,000 indian money (6000 Singapore dollars) and trap the educated candidate into his boss shops only to toil and make laborious loading and unloading job after providing Employment Pass and S-Pass by spelling out the lucrative salary. Once they land in the country and
joined with the shop they offer only 800 dollars monthly salary with 15 hours work per day with worst accommodation and never any off-days. Govindan indulge in many anti-social activities among them that, I hear making forge university documents though I am not a direct witness in this
regard. As far as I know, Moorthy (Mobile : 91261787) of CHENNAI TRADING AND SUPERMART PTE LTD, 25, Campbell lane Singapore 209898 appointing candidates through the felony agent of Govindan in a suspicious and illegal manner against the law of the land. Every illegal activities Govindan doing in this country behalf of Moorthy and some shop owners like him who entrust this illegal task on him though they knows that Govindan doing this for them, only for the commission they offer to Govindan. Govindan does not have a proper job in this country, who is living in the shadow of some owners of the firms. He is purely a boneless candidate even ready to act as pimp if his boss want and pleases him. Govindan made contract with many shop owners like Morthy of Chennai trading and luring candidates from many countries (Particularly India) through his contact with some other nationality persons like him into this country. As a respected officer from the Ministry of Singapore it is very simple for your department to check these felony people’s activities by cracking their entire network. I believe he possesses some passports and documents regarding the employment in his premises and surprise check will lead your department to nab him. Mostly he uses to be in CHENNAI TRADING AND SUPERMART PTE LTD, 25, Campbell lane Singapore 209898 particularly on Sundays. Madam, They unscrupulously play with innocent graduates careers by making illegal and false promising about the job and salary after obtaining 2,50,000 INR( Singapore dollars 6000). These heartless and callous persons do not know how much hard effort one middle class family made to procure the money of this amount, but they easily tell them that if they not like to work for 800 dollars the loading and unloading job, leave the country immediately by left the entire amount with them. They even tell the candidate that no one should expect the job according to the qualification in Singapore soil. They easily get the employment pass for the post of financial manager, software engineer, customer relation manager, accounts manager, auditing manager before let them to the task of loading and unloading for the meagre salary of 800 SD with 16 hour work per day. Madam, whatever the details I have, I elaborated with you and your colleague Mr.(Respected)
in the past. Now the rest of the things held on your department’s action on them in order to check and teach them lesson not to play with the middle class family’s expectation and graduated candidate’s career.

The complainant

Offender: Chennai trading & supermart Pvt Ltd, Singapore
Country: singapore   State: All USA   County: singapore   Zip: 209898
Address: CHENNAI TRADING AND SUPERMART PTE LTD, 25, Campbell lane Singapore 209898
Phone: 92448303

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