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MAIL FRAUD - if you get this in the mail take it to the Post Office

The accused sends mass mailings out using a postal meter under permit number 4280. When you read the included documents they tell you that you have won a large sum of money and go into detail about how to claim your winnings and options for structured payments which gives the impression of legitimacy, but on bottom of the back of the page entitled "Grand Prize Sweepstakes XV! Official Rules", which is a 1/3 height and full width of an 8 1/2" X 11 " slip of paper it is bold printed "NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN, PURCHASING DOES NOT IMPROVE CHANCES OF WINNING, YOU HAVE NOT YET WON.". This contradicts a two full pages printed one side document which details all you have "WON", but you haven't won or even entered anything YET.

Misleading information makes up the bulk of this mailing, and the part that makes it a fraudulent scheme is where they require you to mail them a payment called a processing fee. This is the part of this scam that constitutes fraud and any fraud being perpetrated through the US Postal Service is a federal crime.

This constitutes mail fraud under United States Code, and if you get this mailing, deliver it to the local postmaster and request that it be in turn delivered to the United States Postal Inspector's Office. If we do not do our part the law cannot be enforced. Prosecuting these predators requires investigation and investigation and subsequent prosecution requires evidence. If you have one of these mailings or get what you think may be an attempt by an individual or organization to defraud the public then you are holding on to evidence of the commission of a federal felony.

Do not let these people prey on the unsuspecting public! Do your civic duty and turn them in. They could be funding other sorts of criminal or terrorist enterprises with those processing, or as they put it, "acquisition", fees. The only thing they are acquiring is your money and putting it to unknown and very likely illegal purpose.

Stop this from happening to someone else - don't trash this document, don't dispose of it, don't shred it - report it, file a complaint with the USPS Postal Inspector's Office (the Post Office equivalent of U.S. Marshalls) and maybe you will sleep better at night knowing you have done your part to prevent some poor person becoming a victim.

Offender: Judging Office & Decisions Center
Country: USA   State: All USA   City: Kansas City, Kansas   Zip: 66110-2905
Address: PO Box 2905

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