Baroness de Rothman

Baroness de Rothman offered to send me a check for $15,000 to replace a previous check she had sent, but which, I did not receive. (How nice of her.) Then she will send me a check for $34,000. Very generous. Here is the scam: you cash the check at your bank, they get the cashed check back with all your bank data stamped on the check. You can guess what they will do with that data. Of course, the check will bounce in about a week and you will have to replace the money - your bank ain't Santa Claus. If that fails, they have another shot at getting your bank data with a larger check - that's the purpose of the $34,500, second check. If you weren't sucker enough to cash the first check maybe you will be sucker enough to cash the second and lose your bank account altogether. Isn't the world filled with wonderful people doing wonderful things to each other????

Country: Netherlands   State: All USA

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