Rebecca Vasconcellos
Rebecca Rosa Vasconcellos is a Stalker, E-mail/Bank account hacker with two Active restraining orders against her!


Phone: (714) 737-1183
Category: Unusual Rip-Off




Introduction: REBECCA ROSA VASCONCELLOS Born on December 17,1964 or December 16, 1964 to Mother Maria Vasconcellos in wooddale, IL at 458 Grove Ave, Wooddale, IL 60106, Telephone number: 630-766-3327, Sister Elizabeth Vasconcellos in the same address who helps her sell E-cig (Liquid cig without a license), Dead father: Edward Vasconcellos and Other brother Peter Vasconcellos D.O. (doctor of osteopathy NOT an M.D.) in Wisconsin, Green bay. who take medicaid from UHC and Medicare. Victoria vasconcellos, family member! Rebecca Rosa Vasconcellos AKA Nicotine lady and Rebrosa@ Amazon conducts in my opinion very criminally illegal type of activities such as computer/e-mail and bank account hacking business from 3113 North Atlantic Ave.
Unit 16, Long Beach, CA 90807.

At a young age of 20s Rebecca moved from IL to LA to follow a boy friend, and began working as a porno writer under Ambrosia Vynne name and Ambrosia Vynne productions. Had an APT bought in Long beach at 3113 North Atlantic Ave, Unit 16, Long Beach, CA 90807 with a help of an OLD MARRIED man (80 years old) by the name of Maury Hoag in APT 12 at the same address who use to own a real estate company, and then became involved with a man who had a bike business and had an altercation with his partner in Danville CA that owns a bike shop called pegasus Bike shop. Rebecca sued the owner when he discovered that multiple alleged fake charges were done to his capital one credit card under Ambrosia Vynne who he has NEVER met or done business with before. Of course Rebecca Lost the lawsuit. In court she claimed that the business owner of the pegasus bike shop, who she had never met tried to threaten her life, stalked her and fabricated crazy stories to the judge. She LOST the lawsuit!

She later got involved with another MARRIED man by the name of Ali Gohlam Nasiri and decided to get involved in a FAKE lawsuit against his family. She filed a Fabricated & fake lawsuit against an innocent family in Florida who had never met her for stalking. She claimed that: strange men came to her house seeking sex because phone number (323)-899-0507 who belonged to her boy friend's dead wife & him with his address in Redondo beach, california had been posted on the internet and these men found her based on that very same phone number in long beach, CA. This Woman is a Complete liar, a delusional mentally ill psychopath, very dangerous and becomes obsessed with people for years in my opinion. She loves stalking, prank calling, computer hacking into e-mails/computers/bank accounts and harassing her victims and their families and friends for years. She will pose as a young pretty girl with a fake picture on plenty of and try to solicit men and her victims! She will have breakfast with VERY OLD men in their 80s just to manipulate them to help her financially. She will go on a Million websites and tries to make friends with people and ask them to help her get even with her foes based on fabricated delusional lies she makes up to the public. She is VERY DANGEROUS SO STAY AWAY FROM HER!

You will get tons of prank calls that are made from fake internet phone numbers forwarded to various real agencies and your loved ones will be harassed, their e-mails/computers/bank accounts hacked into so thousands of dollars will be pulled out and you will be stalked for ever. She has tried to steal an identity of an innocent person by stealing her social security number & date of birth from and try to buy cars,get 6 cell phones and try to get a $100,000.00 capital one credit card. She is an alleged suspect in a grand theft of high end jewels and diamonds in Bel air, CA and identity theft in lancaster, ca. She is a Vindictive, very immature, uneducated and mentally ill psychopath with, she hears and sees things all the time according to her doctor Soroya Bacchus who has treated this schizophrenic sicko in the past and given her meds including Zoloft. She claims to have graduated college but besides a few classes, she is an uneducated college drop out. These all of our opinions, we invite you to do your own back ground search on this criminal! She will drive by your house a 1000 times using a large older van or send her friends to follow you, stalk you and take photos of you and your home. She will hack into your facebook to see where you are and ask her friends to show up there to stalk you. She will stalk you for years ( 10 years or longer). If your a man she will take naked photos of you and then post it all over the internet if you leave her psychotic a**!

She claims to be a successfully well off business woman but in reality besides the used books she sells on amazon, and the E-cigs that she gets from her sister in Illinois she has NO money and that's why in my opinion she poses as a successfully well off business woman to CON others. She even claims to be an energy healer and charges cash for her scam! We can't believe any one would pay her or even associate with her but they do and soon they too become victims! She will try to steal and sleep with all her friend's boy friends, husbands and friends in our opinions.

There are TWO restraining orders against rebecca rosa Vasconcellos one in Brevard county court house in Melbourne, FL and the other in LA superior court in North Hill street in Los angeles.You can do a name search under Rebecca Rosa Vasconcellos on LA superior court to see all the lawsuits.The FL restraining order is: 05-2008-DR-025624-XXXX-XX.Rebecca Rosa Vasconcellos, Last four digits of Social: 0026. She sued her next door neighbors in Unit 15 amongst many of her FAKE lawsuits by the name of Ramos in Long beach, ca.She has a friend by the name of Glen Louis Parker who teaches her and aids her in breaking into computers and e-mails. Glen has trained her how to hack into any computer and steal all your data and information.

She will call the police, the IRS, and any one and every one and REPORT you on false bases, she will find out if you are involved in a lawsuit and call their lawyers and offer them her SICK, DELUSIONAL and FALSE stories. She will call and write to your work, friends, family posing as a girl who use to date you and try to fool you with FAKE photos, because she is an UGLY, obese whale who will NEVER stop conducting criminal activities for living in our opinion.

She is getting money from the state of California from the control's office on false bases. Her business as the Nicotine lady has not been registered with the state of CA & she pays NO taxes on it! She claims to have been doing it for 5 years but that is NOT true and neither her helping 4000 client or her uneducated sick mind knowing anything about NLP. She is a TOTAL CON ARTIST in our opinion!

She is a vindictive, jealous, psychotic mentally ill woman who will try to break into your home, car, will drive by, call your university, work, professional boards and any one who might know you, her Criminal behavior Never stops so be careful, keep a Gun in your car and report her to the police and get security on your house and get Restraining orders, believe me when I tell you, she will leave negative comments under your business or even send some one to your business just to file false report and make a chaos, this sick pig stops at nothing!

She uses HTML and PDF files and goes through google's back doors to manipulate and push links that she creates with all your personal and business and financial information including your social security, home & business address and your family's address and any other PRIVATE info into the first page of google! This woman is a very angry, ugly and disgusting psychopath ( All above mentioned info is the Opinion of her victims) its even believed that she broken into a chase bank account in Florida and had it transferred out to accounts in New jersey and NY and then to her account in Long beach, CA in Aug 2011. She was seen depositing & spending hundreds of dollars totaling almost $4000 in Aug 0f 2011 which is the same amount of the monies stolen from the accounts which the bank is now investigating!

She is very Criminally savvy, will have some spanish people call you from numbers: (322) 899-0507 and she has her friend sara call you pretending to be a beverly hills business woman or an assistant. Numbers she has used in the past are as follows: 850-358-8735, 323-583-0970, 248-914-0980, 818-321-7397,818-292-9928 She will STALK you, Harass you, Prank call you, send people from chat rooms to call and follow you, harass your family, break into your bank accounts and transfer money, do check fraud and steal your identity by hacking into your computer! She claims to know the Mafia and will have you killed! Of course it’s all in her delusional sick mind, who will kill for this mentally ill 300 pound woman? LOL However, she will empty your accounts and she will continue to hack into your e-mails, computers, work computers, friend’s/ family’s computer!

When she stole the diamonds in Bel air, she travelled around and sold them some of which were later found in pawns shops in boca raton, Florida. In our opinion she is some how in touch with professional gangs and organized crime people she meets on the internet. Her telephone bills in court showed her calling a number in Miami, Florida who was a jewel thief from Brazil!

She has bragged about knowing the Mafia and being able to murder people if she wants, this again is all in our opinion from what we found out and were told so do your own research!

She meets these people on,, Craig's list,,, and burning man and any other sites she can go on 24/7. The internet is the ONLY life she knows!

She spends hours and hours on the internet meeting men, and people to influence and push them to do her dirty work. When she gets involved with a man and he leaves her, she will post naked photos of him all over the internet and stalk him for years to come!

Her jealous sick angry mind never stops, if this pig that looks like the character of the movie called Fat bastard would just get a life and a job instead of being so jealous of every one around her by now she would have made it in society but she is so busy being a criminal that all her time goes to useless criminal activities to make money. She claims to have helped 4000 people as the nicotine lady but fact is that she get the stuff from her sister elizabeth in wooddale IL and sells it without a tax ID, license or insurance, cheating the government!

Yes these are the opinions of her victims and posted her for public's information and knowledge, which her victims has a right to their opinions! This is for the public to know and its all public information on the court websites from LA superior court in North hill street, long beach court house and Brevard county court house. Stay clear away from this person who I believe to be a mentally ill freak!These are all opinions of her victims posted here for the public to be careful and stay away from this criminally savvy stalker that will ruin your life for years to come! Do your own research and these are pure opinions and beliefs of her victims backed up by legal documents, again do your own research and be careful when dealing with Rebecca Rosa Vasconcellos of long beach, CA, STAY AWAY FROM THIS ALLEGED CRIMINAL and DO NOT HELP HER OR ITS AIDING AND ABATING CRIMINAL STALKING! Best of luck.

Offender: Rebecca Vasconcellos
Country: USA   State: California   County: Long beach   City: Long Beach   Zip: 90807
Address: 3113 Atlantic Blvd. Unit 16
Phone: 714-73711-83

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