Riverside Car Care
Unsatisfactory Car care service

This letter serves as a notice to the Owner/Manager of this facility Riverside Car Care Riverside, Illi9nois 60546.
As I have watched and observed the atrocity of services that have come out of this shop and the goings of back and forth between for myself in regards to one 2003 Montero Mitsubishi Sports Utility vehicle belonging to me. I am in amaze as to how you are still in business. The only thought that comes to mind is that you used me. I and the better business bureau are fully aware that you are NOT capable. I stood back off of this to see just how long it would fester and prayed that you would be fair and admit that you were weigh in over your head on this one. Enough is enough!
After the vehicle had to be returned to you three times and then a letter to the BBB had you to commit and correct previous uncompleted work, I stopped counting past the number SEVENTH visit to your shop! Words to describe your service is beyond ignorance and I dare not speak in such a tone as you are a disgrace for taking advantage of people such as you do.
Each time the vehicle came back from your shop it performed far worse than it did each time previously in your possession. I know that this is a business and you are in it to make money, as all mechanics and other professionals are. It is unfortunate that people such as yourself exist out of greed and have no one’s best interest in mind. However, as surely as you live, one day you will no doubt suffer the consequences of your evil deeds. This world is round…it is true that what goes around comes around. So it would behoove you to do right by ALL people.
I am requesting that you reimburse us for the monies we’ve wasted in your establishment! If we cannot come to some type of monetary agreement for your lack of services you leave me no alternative but to take you to court and not only that, I will report you to not only the BBB but to every media station, and media outlet available including face book and tweeter.

Offender: Riverside Car Care
Country: USA   State: All USA

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