Financial Acquisition Agency

Ms. Ansonia, CT : Financial Acquisition Agency, Sent a letter to me saying, be advised that the prize of total $2,536,092.23 has been identified as now due for payment. Funds are offered by a 3rd party sponsors and FAA also gave an account # and a date of 8/03/12 mid night deadline and strictly enforced. it had to be postmarked by that date.or you lose. Funny thing is it has a P.O. Box and you cant read the signature of the Director,and winner notification is on same line,no printed name. Has Express Notice, no phone number to the company . It also states that once they receive the $20.00 cash check or money order and the EXPRESS NOTICE TRACKING FORM they will process your claim and your cash accounting rushed to you by a bonded federal carrier.On the back of letter has small print saying they have the right to take money electronically if the check is returned unpaid, go figure"these crooks have rights"LOL . These crooks are getting a lil better at scamming, but leave a lot of clues that it is a scam.Now using the USPS is a federal crime and if the FBI could catch these crooks and multiply each letter they mailed they would be put in jail for a very long long time. but it seems that our Police forces and FBI agents have better things to do like duncan donuts and coffee,not smart enough or chicken . These cases aren't big enough or these bad guys scare our police officers to much. So people beware letters are looking good and crooks are getting educated and during these bad times they are taking advantage of the people that are honest and have hopes and dreams of these hard times just to get better. So be smarter and let them waste their money and the Joke will be on them. Even if they give you a prepaid envelope dont let it fool you, its just a lil cheaper for bulk mail, that they have to pay. SO BEWARE, LET THEM THROW THEIR MONEY AWAY.

Offender: Financial Acquisition Agency
Country: USA   State: All USA

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