liar, cheats his clients

B Robert Farzad does not care a rats @ss about his own clients but would rather just rip them off for thousands of $$$$$ for work not done or substandard work that is rejected by the courts and will not filed even after several attempts.

his bogus billings include items like reviewing case history 4.5 hours FOR WHAT. looking at his own file. that cost me 900 dollars for him to get familar with his own case!!!!

This guy is the kind of lawyer they wrote the book on lawyer jokes all about. ripping us off and getting rich at it.

I am not at all afraid of his threats of sueing me because in any court of law TRUTH is allways allowed and cannot be denied. I would like nothing more that get FARZAD in court and caught up in his own LIES and how he took my money so easily and didn't file a SINGLE DOCUMENT on time.

P>S> I have now hire a new attorney to finish his work at 1/2 his rate and I now get returned calls!!!

Country: USA   State: All USA

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