It has come to our attention that a young man was fired due to the fact that he wore a pin with God on it. This country was founded "under God" and before that the Native Americans believed in the "Great Spirit" which also is God. We have a Home Depot card but we plan to cut it up and we also intend to encourage others to do the same. we have freedom of Religion and feedom of speech so far.

you may not realize it right away but there are going to be a lot of people who will shop elsewhere due to your inability to see that all of the mess we are in is due to people forgetting and now refusing to let God in whatever religion, be part of our lives openly.

"In God We Trust" "God alone is real" quotes from famous men.

May God and His angels awaken your heart and soul.

George and Rosemary Richards

Offender: Employee
Country: USA   State: New York

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