Disney California Adventure - Anaheim California
Disney California Adventure HAPPEST PLACE ON EARTH NOT LIKELY the business that doesnt give a dam

We had the unfortunate experience of paying to enter Disney's California Adventure. I think it's criminal to expect your guests to wait 2 hours for the top rides and 45 minutes for the kiddie rides. Try 1 hour wait to get your McDonald's lunch. It took us 20 minutes to fight our way across the park to use our Fast Passes for the Aladin stageshow only to be turned away because we were 5 minutes late.

They suggested we jump in line (2 hours) ahead for the next show and maybe we'd get in. At that point the show was completely sold out for the day.

We saw 2 3D movies that run continuously and rode on the bumper cars, which was literally less than 1 minute. By the time my husband got the car untangled from the other's in the bunch the ride was over. My son didn't even get 1/4 of the way around. We also got to ride a fun ride called Mulholland Drive, but that was only because a ride attendant spilled my beer and felt bad so he brought us the "cut the front of the line pass".

So we got there at 10am and left feeling beaten and disappointed at 8 pm. When is too many visitors enough? What is the parks obligation to the people that have already paid to get in? There was a 30 minute wait in Guest Relations if that helps you understand how crowded the park was.

We were put on the VIP list for Aladin at 6:15, but that was because I cried. I literally had a breakdown at Disney. It was great being a VIP, but I felt so guilty standing there in the land of the priviledged looking at the exhausted parnets with sleeping kids propped on their shoulders that waited there for 2 hours.

Shouldn't there be some expected ride quota for a good time. Like we expect our visitors to be able to get on half the rides, have lunch and visit a couple shops. I would think if there are 30 attractions you could expect to get on at least 10. I really don't think that's asking too much at $37.50 per child and $47 per adult. I am so disappointed. I emailed Disney, but not a big surprise I have received no response.
I'll keep you posted.

Offender: Disney California Adventure - Anaheim California
Country: USA   State: California   City: Anaheim
Address: Www.disney.com

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