Dish Network
Negligent Service


I had your company however due to the negligent services I had received from your company I had canceled and will never use. Your company associate had wrongfully and negligently put someone else's dish on my back patio without proper authorization. When I complained the associate and the customer that was trying to put his dish on my patio did not acknowledge me and continued still to put someone else's dish on my patio. You all really need to change your police and I had to change the policy of my apartment complex to not have that happen. So now the apartment complex where I live the main office will not allow the Dish network or Direct TV to put a dish where ever customers want. It only has to be certified by the apartment company if people live in an apartment to put their dish only on a certain spot on their own patio and if there is no connection than they are not allowed to put their dish anywhere else on the property this was in affect about a year ago on our apartment complex where we live. And I strongly suggest that the Dish and Direct TV does acknowledge these types of complaints and change their policies where the customer do not force their dish on someone's property that would be and should be against the law. You need to not make such sarcastic commercial either to target a personal attack on someone by miss using their personal information could be liable for false advertisement. Public beware of Dish and Direct T.V. and make sure that they go by the by laws of each state as to where you can hook up your dish. And Dish and Direct T.V. do not violate someone else's property and or their rights. You need be more ethical on how you train your technicians! I would never recommend this company to anyone! Also Dish and all network companies do not commercialize anyone's personal information for a personal attack against them by the use of false advertisement you will be liable for those damages on legal terms!

Offender: Dish Network
Country: USA   State: All USA

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