EGryphon, Inc. Beware! They're Too Good to be True

Not all pirates sail the Arabian Sea.

As the first complainer states, their splashy website looks reassuring and on the up and up. I suppose I went into denial that they were possibly shady operators, hawking pirated copies, because I wanted a specific series so badly. (Easy way to determine if a series or season is pirated: Check Amazon: if Amazon doesn't list it, it's almost certainly pirated and of doubtful quality.)

My first clue Getezset was too good to be true came after selecting a favorite TV series set and entering my credit card info and clicking to finalize order. I was taken to... a blank page. No "Thank you for your order" or "Your order is now being processed". Just an empty page. Had I goofed on filling out all the info? Not likely; I always double-check entries for accuracy.

A small voice within me warned me I'd just fallen off a cliff, but I persisted.

I emailed them, asking if the order had been successfully placed. That was five days ago, and no reply.

Next clue: I called their number and after countless rings, got only a curt, depressing, "Leave a message."

Final clue: Finding this site and reading the incisive warning of the first complainer.

Whether or not they actually send me a pirated edition of my selection at this point doesn't concern me much now. I know I've been taken in by my gullability.

This outfit is diabolically clever in how they're exploiting TV series' lovers' frustration of spotty issues (limited season release) of their favorite shows from legitimate sources. Like magic, implied with the Aladdin movie graphic offering complete series at a price that's too good to be true, it is. Wishful thinking, pure and simple. (In a sort of cavalier fairness, though, they offer a clue to the wary by also depicting the dark villain in their graphics.)

Don't become a victim,too. Anyone else taken should come forward and help close down this pirate operation and prevent others from getting taken. (It's a bit of work registering, but worth it.)

Offender: Getezset.como
Country: USA   State: Delaware   City: Milton
Address: 16192 Coastal Hwy
Phone: 13027030137

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