Corporate Thievery (usury basically)

I misplaced this movie just after Christmas.We returned the other 2 movies we had rented already, and didn't realize that this movie was still checked out. This morning, as my wife was trying to figure out why our Bankruptcy payment was rejected, we see a 55 dollar charge for this movie....FIFTY FIVE DOLLARS for a USED movie! I fully accept my late charges, but am astounded at this level of corporate theft! I can buy this movie brand new at Blockbuster!

So what I was told by both 2 CSRs and a Supervisor was basically this : Tough. You should have read the terms and conditions at the kiosk! So I have paid FIFTY FIVE DOLLARS FOR A USED MOVIE!!! I offered to return the movie and have the additional 33.00 (which is what I was charges ON TOP of 23 days of late fees) taken off (since you folks were getting your movie back) This is standard policy at Blockbuster and every single video store I have ever done business with...but apparently the loyalty of a customer is worth absolutely nothing, and I get screwed...

As a disabled Vet I am on physical disability and have $1100 a month to survive on, so 55 bucks is a HUGE deal for me. The CSRs were very polite and empathetic...the supervisor was so dismissive she could not have possibly insulted me and my situation had she sat down and planned it. Nothing but corporate empathy...and basically, no interest or concern for ANYTHING but a cold, emotionless corporate policy that amounts to usury.

I am going to dispute this outrageous tactic ( screwing me for 55 bucks for a USED MOVIE for god's sake!) with my bank.As I stated earlier, I fully accept the late fees I accrued, but to totally screw a loyal customer for this outrageously excessive amount when you are getting your movie back? The wonderfully sympathetic supervisor told me that I certainly had the option to return the movie, but the charges were not disputable and I'd STILL have to pay the 55 bucks even though you would have your property back.

I was offered a one time $15.00 return, which STILL leaves me paying FORTY dollars for a USED MOVIE! This is unbelievable, and shows a frightening disregard for the loyalty of the people who keep you in business!I can be reached at 318-484-3616..but to be perfectly honest, after the dismissive way the so-called "supervisor" responded to this situation I fully expect to be ignored and I can kiss my 55 dollars bye-bye. I sincerely hope this is not the case...

Offender: RedBox
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Oakbrook
Address: One Tower Lane
Phone: 8667332693

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