LawsLair,lawerence Donini,laws
LawsLair, lawerence Donini, laws Corey Kerry, Allison Hanlon, lawerence Donini, meth addict, fake producer, 7 star motel Fake movie producer, con-man, liar, womanizer, predictor, cheater, scumbag, user, manipulator, free loader Internet

I first met Mr. Donini in 2010. He claimed to be a big shot movie producer and that he could deliver your film. He also said he owned his own studios In Santa Monica. He then coned me into letting him move into my home as he proceeded to rob me blind. Him and his phony friends then ended up stealing all my music equipment,gold and platinum plaques and lied about it all. He talks a big game but don't be fooled by his bullsh*t.

He will do anything and say anything to string you along making you think your gonna get paid and made famous.but the truth is he has never made an honest dollar in his life. He has been blackballed from the entire movie industry because he simply cant deliver.Be ware of this shady con man who prays on the successful only to rob them of everything they have had including your identity.Beware of this scumbag!DO NOT HiRE HIM! HE IS A FRAUD!!!and a liar who would kill his own mom for a quick buck!

Offender: LawsLair,lawerence Donini,laws
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 1730 N. La Brea Ave., Hollywood
Phone: 3105917981

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