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I know everyone has seen the commercials, stands and ads for Audition America. However, these are all polys to hopefuls who are easily entrapped into the scam they run. I say scam based on the following:

Failed to deliver on promised goods/serves
Deception of company and their actual business procedures
Manipulation of customers

Here is the story:

I filled out a card and dropped it into a box within my local mall. Within roughly a week I received a call asking for me to come into the mall, in front of Macys for an audition. The entire audition portion in which I was actively auditioning and not watching a video or getting a pep-talk was about 45 seconds. Say one one line into the microphone, walk to the end of the short catwalk, two poses real quick, one pose back at the end. That's it. I was approached with a score card out of an advertising book promoting Audition America. Told I was "perfect for print" and asked to pay three installments of $99 for a photo shoot they would like to do two days from then at 4:15pm central time. I gave them my card and shortly Googled them with the afterthought that it seemed.....rushed, and amateur. Couldn't find a site, couldn't find a business report and the few things I could find where not encouraging. A question on yahoo answers asking if it was a scam, etc.

I encourage you to look them up yourself, there is a fair amount of supportive information for them to be a scam. Well, since my card was swiped it had already hit my bank account, but I had my card canceled so no further charges can go through. I tried calling the number provided,but repeatedly got a recording that the number was disconnected. I tried their main line provided here:

This lead to a random woman in Georgia, USA who had received several calls of my nature. I gave her the central office number I used to be provided her number so she could have herself removed.

I suggests STRONGLY that ALL take caution with this company. Despite the well-played facade, they do NOT employ ethical business practices and should not be considered a legitimate company.

Despite having been told by the individuals who "Auditioned" me that refunds were not permitted, I WAS refunded after opening a case with the Better Business Bureau. The "rep" who contacted me via email did not send any official form of request for a refund but did type out a make-shift one into the text box of a correspondence email. Upon filling the information out and returning to the sender, the amount was eventually re-deposited into my bank account. So to the credit of the company, they did refund me. All you have to do is pull it out of them it seems.

Offender: Audition America Tour
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Ft Lauderdale
Address: 2590-B E. Sunrise Blvd.
Phone: 3052903761

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