Ryan Astamendi
Ryan Astamendi Photography Scam Rips Off Models and Crew!!! Scams Clients!

Ryan Astamendi Photography Rips off models and crew! He scams his clients as well.

Rips off Crew:

Ryan makes thousands of dollars on his photo shoots yet does not pay his crew anything. These are not interns, these are hard working crew members that slave under Ryan yet get no pay.

Rips off Models:

He profits off the photos by selling them to press and magazines. The models are not paid anything for this, only Ryan is. (I'm sure the models don't realize this)

I'm a make-up artist that has worked with Ryan a few times... Each time I felt that he was a bit shady but I never really caught on until a few days ago. This guy is pocketing thousands upon thousands of dollars from clients who are expecting him to hire a professional crew and compensate this crew, but I have yet to be paid as a make-up artist working for Ryan. Not even a kit fee!! Other photographers at least pay a kit fee, Ryan pays nothing!!!!

I guess we are supposed to be slaves just to be in the presence of Ryan Astamendi and his playboy models. Give me a break!

You make thousands from each shoot, pay us a little something for our hard work and time!! Stop ripping us off!!

Offender: Ryan Astamendi
Country: USA   State: All USA
Site: www.ryanastamendi.com

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