Regal Theatre Grand Junction, CO
Regal Cinema Rude Service

I just had the most frustrating experience I have ever had with Regal Cinema in Grand Junction, CO. I left California because I wanted the friendliness of a smaller town. An employee of Regal Cinema, Dave Wood, has just made me wonder why I moved to Grand Junction.
My wife and I just went to see Wrath of the Titans at the Regal Cinema off 24 Road in Grand Junction, CO. We paid for our tickets, entered the theatre, and found our seats. My wife then went for popcorn but came back and told me that there was an AARP special and I had the card (the AARP gives you some indication of my age). I left the theatre and went out to the concession stand, bought popcorn, a drink, and candy and went back to the theatre with my hands full. The ticket agent (I don't remember if it was Dave Wood or not) asked me if I had a ticket stub. I said no and that my hands were full.
I then returned to my seat in the theatre waiting for the movie to start. At this time an employee of Regal entered the theatre and asked me for my ticket stub. My wife and I were so flustered that neither one of us could find it (the theatre is dark and she couldn't find anything in her purse). At this point the employee asked us to provide the stub or leave. I insisted on a refund if we were going to leave. He said that there would be no refund unless we had the ticket stub. If we could find the ticket stub we wouldn't have had this problem in the first place (who keeps a ticket stub once you're in the theatre).
At this point my wife was so embarrassed and flustered that she insisted that we just leave. I got up out of my seat and waited at the base of the stairs for my wife. While I was there I turned to the employee and placed the Milk Duds I had been eating in his pocket without touching him (a mistake I know, but I was angry). I then turned around and started to leave when he shoved me in the back. I turned around and told him that if he touched me again he would be sorry. He told me that I was out of control and that I should leave. I had already been in the process of leaving when he shoved me.
Once outside I asked my wife if she could find the ticket stub. She attempted to check her purse but was so flustered that all she wanted to do was leave. At this point I asked the employee for his name. He said his name was Dave. I asked for a last name and he said Wood. At this point my wife and I left the theatre.
I don't know if Dave Wood is his real name or not, but I plan on sending this exact same letter to Regal Cinema's complaint department (if they have one).

Bill Mills

Offender: Regal Theatre Grand Junction, CO
Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: Grand Junction

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