Deystarr Unlimited
Deystarr Centroplex Scam based on false hopes and lies no pay

This company is a big scam! He makes you feel like you will be the best and when he calls you make it sound like its a big deal that hes calling you saying he never deals with talent. Its a marketing company but they have talent Im confused why because it is not an agency.

He requires you to pose in your underwear and says a photographer will be working with you the photographer never shows up! He ends up doing your photos nice camera but the photos are in the poorest quality lighting. He takes them from his office and right outside of his office. He harasses you for money too but doesnt pay you.

I know a few girls he gave big positions with no experience and they said he never paid them and they said he acts mad and defensive when they asked about pay. He will charge as much as 900 dollars for photos and will not get you much work just whatever he can find on craigslist by pretending to be you.

He lies a lot he said hes retired NFL for the Red Skins, played in the mid 90s a few of us girls got together to look it up Jarryl Wayne Curtis found the redskins website that listed every single player who has ever played of all time and he was not on it! He sells you false hopes and dreams do not come here unless you like giving your money away and being drug on a string

Offender: Deystarr Unlimited
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Austin
Address: 100 Congress Street
Phone: 5126979810

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