Matthew Olyphant, Matthew Olyphant Art, Artist, Matt Olyphant, Olyphant, M. Olyphant Stole my Original Artwork, Sells my Designs and Paintings as his Own Work, Con Artist Internet

My childhood friend and college sweetheart Matthew Olyphant stole the majority of my artwork and sketches when I decided to marry another man. That was about 15 years ago!!! I think he was jealous of my creativity and wanted to paint and draw and channel expressiveness but he was not an artist so he could not have my visions. He now runs the online art gallery where he sells my original artwork as his own.

He also sells my artwork and many exact replicas of my paintings for thousands of dollars to art collectors in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area by telling people he is the artist of my body of work. A review of, Rtist Marketplace and Facebook .com Pages MatthewOlyphant, all show my work that I made over many years and lost when I moved out the apartment we shared as a couple. I asked for my artwork many times but he would not return it and he was so unstable that I gave up and thought he would give it to me after he stopped feeling sad about the break up.

Recently I moved back to San Francisco after living in the East for many years to discover he was making a living off my work on I found he listed prices on some other marketplaces and was angery when I saw the prices he marked and was making off work he did not create.. My designs and original paintings and drawings had been repainted and drawn many time and people did not question him because he uses his brothers famous name and face to sell his work. I made sure to contact hm and let him know I had proof the work was mine and he dared me to prove it.

I am prepaaring to file a lawsuit against this con-Artist nd I want people to be aware they are buying stolen paintings that are signed by a person who did ot make them. All of my work is on the website gallery but no mention of my name or credit is there for being the owner and artist of the work. Support local artist BUT AVOID and pleaase do not buy work that belongs to another person who is pompous enough to think he can fool the public.

He also has stolen work from other female artist and a few male artists. We are all wrking together to put an end to this art crooks career so we can get what it ours. We plan to file lawsuit so I am also asking anybody who is his victim to come forward and help us take down along with all of the markets he uses to rob people with forged and stolen paintings.

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 4157858396

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