Matthew Olyphant, Matthew Olyphant Art, Artist, Matt Olyphant, Olyphant, M. Olyphant Artist Matthew Olyphant Selling Copied, Stolen, Unoriginal Paintings and Drawings to San Francisco Collectors and Internet Fans

I have know Matthew Olyphant since we were teens. I was and am an artist who produces paintings and drawings and designs for businesses, individuals, and commercial dealers. I have collected thousands of my pieces over the years including catalogs of pictures and miniature renderings of large paintings. Matthew Olyphant began stealing my work almost 20 years ago and eventually began passing it off as his. is his main marketplace, but he also sells drawings and paintings that are not his on, Pages MatthewOlyphant, and numerous other websites.

He made Decoro360 promise not to inform people his work was stolen by telling them he would split the price of paintings. e has entered into deals like this with other galleries and hair salons like Lush Hair Salon in Downtown Sacramento, CA. He sells paintings that belong to me to collectors too. All of this he does because he has a famous brother and his name is known. This is why I have not been able to recover my work or have people listen to me. He has money and fame backing him and I do not. Please do not support this thief by buying any work from him.

Matthew Olyphant lived with me after college and we were shared a long loving relationship where he admired my art and creativity. He did not paint then. He stole my work when I married another man and has been using it since the 1990s late in the decade. He will not admit he stole my work and even if I have much similar work that is mine, he says I can never prove this. He will not share profits and refuses to give credit for my drawings paintings and designs he stole.

When I married a different man he became angry and left with my belongings. I was scared because he was a heavy drug user and I dare not approach him demanding my work back. He continues his dangerous lifestyle and refuses to give me my work. He has been copying my work and every detail for so long that people now believe the ideas are Matthew Olyphants but they are mine.

I can share my story here and hope people know he has taken my work and ideas and used them to create a life that is not his for many years. I want to warn people that he uses this fame to make connections and friends. Support art and local artists but those who are genuine. He is a crook of the art world taking from a little guy and hiding behind money and fame. DO NOT BUY HIS ARTWORK IT IS NOT HIS. I will be staring to show again and creating my own marketplaces. I am not frightened by Matthew Olyphant now.

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 4157858396

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