Maggie Monteith
Margret Monteith, Dignity Distribution,. Dignity Film Finance Maggie Monteith - Liar and Fraud! Careful Producers: Dignity Film Finance has no money!

Maggie Monteith, Dignity Film Finance / Dignity Distribution is a liar and a fraud. She talks a good game and really
knows how to sell herself. Unfortunately the disappointing truth is that none of it has any merit. It is all not true. She is a good story teller though, and I believed her, when I met her first. She wanted to finance my films. I experienced her and I did my homework. What I came to see was very disturbing. And, people I spoke to had only negative experiences with her and the stories they shared were bad. Most of the producers I spoke with were disappointed and let down, mostly in a way that it jeopardized their project. She is full of sh*t was the common opinion. Unfortunately there is no gentler way of putting it. She appears smart, when you met her first. When she deals with Producers, they believe her because
they want to get their films made. They buy into her at first. And then they come to find out sooner or later, that it was all hot air. She gives a good show when she is in meetings and speaks at film finance forums, or with investors. She appears likable. But it is all show. The reality is: She herself has actually never closed, nor actually ever produced one film in her entire life. My point is: She is dishonest and not to be trusted. Producers should not work with her unless she puts the money for the film in escrow upfront, right when a deal is signed. She offers producers funds for films and has yet to actually proof that she has money. She doesnt have any money. She is currently being sued by people because she cant pay her bills. Check with the Superior Court in Los Angeles court, thats just one of the courts were lawsuits are files against her.

Also, investors should be very careful. I found out, and can proof that she has taken money from investors for films that never got made. And to date she didnt pay them back. Her new company Dignity Film Finance and Dignity Distribution
is a joke. Her Finance company tries to raise money from investors and I sure hope for them that they are doing proper due diligence before investing in her.
Because there are a lot of investors in Europe who are currently taking legal steps against her. Dignity Distribution released
one movie and it was a flop. The film wasnt bad, but her marketing was terrible, which caused the film to tank. Dignity
had placed another movie with Halle Berry on their website for US distribution and was forced to take it down because Lionsgate was the actual distributor. For someone who reports to be a specialist in distribution that is a pretty stupid
move . She reports in her bio that she was a high ranked Executive for some of the major studios (Fox , Sony) and
Lucas Film. That is untrue. If you call them up you will find out that she was a smallish consultant for one or the other marketing gig on one the other film they had. Yet , she places all these top movies on her bio, to boost it up. There is nothing but hot air behind it all, and anyone who takes the time to look a little closer, will find that out. From my own experience and based on my research I can only say this: Investors and producers should stay away from her. She will make promises she cannot deliver on and she is a questionable person. She has nothing good to share with the world and it is people like her that are the reason why Hollywood has such a bad reputation. It makes it harder for everyone else, who does their job with honesty and integrity.

Offender: Maggie Monteith
Country: USA   State: All USA

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