Paul H. Rosenthal
Wannabe player, scum, untrustworthy

My wife and I were on one of his night time club tours a couple weeks ago. My wife is a beautiful red head. This creep would not leave his hands off of her until I said I would beat the hell out of him if he kept with his advances.

My wife was with me the whole time. He kept saying "baby if your really nice to me, I can get you on Real world on mtv."

One of the other guys I guess was on that show, like anyone really cares.

After I threatened to knock his lights out, he started buying us drinks in 1 Of A Kind at Mirage.

We saw him putting the moves on a few more girls at the clubs too. Not to mention a young woman that obviously works for him. He told her to get naked. A fun evening turned into a side show thanks to his antics.

I would avoid on board tours like a virus if I were you.

Offender: Paul H. Rosenthal
Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Las Vegas

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