BH Managment
Scum Managment Company

Ive lived at the Bluffs at Town Lake in Austin TX for six months, managed by BH Management.

This company is true trash. They hire trash, the quality of their apartments are trash, their attitude is trash, and they try to stiff you at every turn like trash.

They have ridiculous fees they add on for no good reason just to stiff you out of money. They want $1400 from me because I failed to give them 60 day notice I was leaving. Well lets see: First off they purposefully never informed me there was a financial aspect to this notice. Secondly, there is no reason for it. Turnover takes the same amount of time, it is ridiculous to expect me to pay for two months rent when the place will be rented out in no more time than if I were to actually give notice. I would rather burn in hell than pay them this money. I dont care what happens to my credit.

Also, my apartment has flooded 4 times, I went over a month without a working refrigerator, have needed a new toilet for months, and my tub is rotting. It often takes multiple trips for the servicemen here to fix anything. Turnover is constant.

One of the managers here routinely breaks protocol to help residents she likes (one she placed fake credits on his account to prolong his eviction, and in that time he tried to force his way into my apt one night) and also to benefit her and her family (she has what seems to be an extended family living in her apt though she forced my brother to sign his own lease when he came to live with me, and she gives them employee parking stickers). Then she looks me in the eye and tells me shes just doing her job when she tries to stiff me out of $1400 I dont have for no reason that makes any sense than arbitrary theft.

I talked to the regional manager a while ago. He simply did not give a fuck about any of my complaints. I saw right away this companies problems go way above the ground level. This company is true trash.

Offender: BH Managment
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Austin

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