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I had an Escrow shortage payment due on my mortgage account. The payment was due on 2/1/2012. My regular mortgage payment comes out of my bank account automatically on the 6th of the month. So I phoned Bank of America and spoke to Maria on 1/20/2012 to ask if I could make the escrow shortfall payment on-line without effecting my regular payment schedule. She told me I could and told me how to do so. So I went in and scheduled the payment to come out on 2/1//12. What happened was not only did my escrow payment of around 300 dollars come out but my entire mortgage payment came out at the same time. Well I'm not rich, but do budget well and have never been late on a single payment the whole time we have had our house 6 plus years. We have excellent credit our scores are in the high 700's so we pay all our bills and on time. Which is hard to do in these economic times. Payday is tomorrow- and was more than prepared to make my usual mortgage payment on the 6th. However because Bank of America took the mortgage payment out early it left me with a negative bank balance. Thank goodness I caught this in time to transfer some money from another account to cover it and other payments until tomorrow.

When I called to find out how this could have happened I talked to 3 different people and all of them were EXTREMELY Rude and not helpful at all.
No apologies for my financial hardship or stress. Instead they claim it must have been a mis-communication or misunderstanding on my part-WHAT? I know what I asked and what I needed to accomplish. I know what I was told to do so how is this my fault?

What I finally found out after having to call back 3 times is I CAN'T make an extra escrow payment on-line without also making an extra mortgage payment. I have to mail the escrow payment or take it to a branch. Now mind you when I put the amount in the paynow line it was only for the escrow balance amount and it was on the escrow payment line.
And when I submitted it the amount showed what I wanted and the date it was to come out of my account. Nothing about the mortgage amount. So I believed what Maria told me to do was done correctly. Too late I found out she told me WRONG information. And not only that but I also found out after 3 phone calls that my regular mortgage payment was coming out on the 6th of this month also. So I would have really been up a creek without a paddle if I hadn't had them stop that.
They must hire the rudest, unfeeling people they can find to work for them.
I felt like I didn't matter to them at all. And I am a great paying customer. I shudder to think what someone with a hardship would receive if they called. Shame on Bank of America and I will be shopping for a new mortgage company to gladly take my hard earned reliable money.
The other names of folks I talked to I have, but I don't think anyone cares anyway.

Offender: bank of america home loans
Country: USA   State: All USA

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