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Lowe's False Imprisonment Policy

I am being retaliated against because of my speaking up and my not allowing management to berate and belittle me. I am a grown man and I do not expect to be yelled at by either management or an employee.
My disability, BPD, was made known to management members early on as a new, seasonal hire.
The initial incident happened when I was on the shift that closed the store. This entails the sweeping of the floors, restocking the shelves, and various other duties.
I was asked to 'zone' a department different from my assigned department, which was outside lawn and garden.
Before I had completed my task, I had informed Wendy that I needed to go so I could get home to take my psych meds. She said that it was just all in my head and that I would be all right. I was about to leave with other employees that had worked inside the store zoning their departments. I was asked by Wendy, the assistant manager, if I had checked with Michelle, another assistant manager, if I could leave.

My shift was 3-11pm that day. When I asked to leave after 11pm I was told that I couldn%u2019t leave until everyone was finished.
It was close to midnight either way and I had plans that evening after work. I was scheduled to work til 11pm.
I was then told by Wendy to go out to the garden and ask Michelle if I could leave. As a pliable employee, I went to look for Michelle although she was nowhere to be found.
I went back to the front of the store where several other employees were waiting for the MOD, Wendy, to come open the doors for us to get out. We are virtually held captive until we are released. Whether it is when we are scheduled to get off or an hour or more later. I know that I have the option to stay past my shift, although not a mandatory action. This is the way they want it.
On April 21, I was called into the managers office and I was told that I had to sign a write up for leaving through the only means of exiting the building. I was told that I couldn%u2019t leave and I left out the fire exit door. Mind you, this is the second time that I was told that I couldn%u2019t leave even though my scheduled shift was over. As I was saying, after refusing to sign the write up I was told to go clock out and they would call me when I was needed. I was told that I would get atleast 32 hours a week as a seasonal employee. So two of the managers followed me to the employee breakroom as I was putting my Lowes vest in my locker. One manager told me I could have avoided this had I signed the write up. I told him the write up was bullshit and that he knew it. He then grabbed and jerked my arm. I told him to take keep his hands off of me. I called SAPD when I got home and filed assault charges on him.
Now I need an attorney that will take on my case and have Lowe%u2019s make this mandatory staying after scheduled hours a voluntary action.

Offender: Lowe's Home Improvement
Country: USA   State: All USA

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