J.W.Realty Inc.
Total scammer!!! JW REalty, in Aurora, Colorado - Property Management

Rented a property from J.W. Realty, INC from 2007-2010. WATCH your back with this company!!. To begin with, as stated in the previous review it is like pulling an arm and a leg to get them to fix anything!! In fact sometimes they tried to charge ME, like on an old garbage disposal that kept breaking. They did not do maintence on A/C unit, heater filters, and other things that are their responsiblity. The routinely said rent was late and charges a fee to the point where I would sent out every rent check certified mal to insure this would stop.
Upon move out I was told by John that he was unable to meet me for the final walkthrough to give the keys. He told me just to leave them with the door locked. 2 weeks later I called about my 500 deposit and he said he was going to keep it due to the carpet (Which was already old when I moved in and lived there for 3 years!) but what ever, I am super busy and own my own business, so I let it go, finally owning my own home anyway.
TWO years pass and oddly enough see John at Best Buy where I was buying a TV and surround sound. Well I must have looked like a good target to shake down, because low and behold, my credit watch alerts me next month that there was collections filed against me for $$3500!!!!! I tried to argue with the collections, and recieved a list of the charges, which included thing like $200 for a TOLIET seat. $500 for glass broken on a door that was fine when I moved out, and other nonsense charges. My attorney said it would be about 5K to take to trial, so I ended up setteling for less with the collections company. MAKE SURE you get the move out paper SIGNED. I did not and though everything was fine, but in the end I got totally screwed because of that. If that is not signed, they can make up anything and even send it to collection 2 YEARS later like he did for me. BIGGEST mistake. He may try to avoid signing it but don't let him!! Also, I wanted to say during this 2 years til he saw me at best buy getting some big ticket items, there was no calls about this to my number that is THE SAME, or letters to my place of business which is THE SAME, or to my home address which is THE SAME as upon move out. WATCH your BACK!!!

Offender: J.W.Realty Inc.
Country: USA   State: All USA

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