Ace Hardware
Young female discrimination

Ive never done this before but now a week later this is still bothering me. I support local business even if I pay a little more, what I witnessed I couldnt beleive. About 8/18/12 I was in line to exchange some mason jars there was a customer ahead of me, a young female cashiere was in charge and the manager was also there, she had a question for the manager concerning first customer, as the cashiere was speaking the manager totally ignored her and walked away.
Alright maybe a mistake, She then spoke on her head set and had no reply, she politely asked the patron to walk to the back of the store where there was another male employee. OK my turn the cashiere needed an ok for my exchange I had the receipt, she requested assistance three times with no reply from either male, the manager walked by the front ignoring this gal again. By this time there are customers needing help and this gal is trying her best to accommodate everyone. Still with no reply she picked up my jars and brought them to him so she could get his ok or signature. Common courtesy is you at least respond when spoken to. So it has taken at least 10 min. For a exchange w/ receipt and rudeness beyond belief, All I have to say is Menards and Home Depot are the same distance away just the other direction.

Offender: Ace Hardware
Country: USA   State: All USA

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