Horrible Customer Service

Went to Lowe's #1630 in Littleton, CO around 5:00 pm on a Sunday. No one in the store (customer wise); not a busy time. I had questinos about a Rotary Sander, so I waited next to the Rotary Sander's for about 10 minutes. I made eye contact with no less than 5 employees, none of whom bothered to ask if I needed any assistance. SO, I took one of the display models to the vaccum section, to see if it would fit the hose of a bucket vac. There were no bucket vacs, except for the display, which had no hose. I flagged an employee down (and I question whether or not she knew her own name), and she had to get someone else. This guy had no idea about which vac was where, and never heard of "hooking a sander up to a vac". (Seriously? and this person got hired to sell your merchandise?) The worst part? I applied to work for Lowe's a few motnhs ago - their exact words when they called me back: "I'm sorry, sir, but you seem a bit over-qualified to work here." Why? Because I can speak english, tie my own shoes & know the difference between prompt, courteous customer service and shitty customer service? -I left my cart in the middle of the aisle, with the display sander in it, told the "tool associate" that he needed to perhaps attend a product knowledge seminar, and told the manager on the way out the door that this was the worst shopping experience I have ever had. I was prepared to drop $200.00 in this place, instead, I drove to Home Depot and spent $300.00 on things that their employees recommended to me. THD's workers gave me demo's, showed me how to hook everything up, told me which item to buy, vs. the other, and honored the Lowe's coupon I had, just because I told them how much better their people are than at their compettitor. Lowe's carries a few more brands of tools that I prefer to use over The Home Depot, but I will order those online in the future and wait (from somewhere other than Lowe's), instead of EVER going to Lowe's again.

Offender: Lowes
Country: USA   State: All USA

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