Scott Veerkamp
SCAM: Scott Veerkamp Real Estate WARNING

Please review this summary of events regarding Scott Veerkamp (NAR)...

1. Scott engages in Predatory Lending with Yield Spread Premium and excessive fees. This is documented on the settlement statements in the link below. Click on Fullscreen in the upper left hand corner of each document. (You will need to scroll to see these documents).

2. Scott refuses to show the property. He refuses to drive (one block) to conduct an open house. (This is documented in the "record of property shown" receipts from MIBOR).

3. After 8 months of refusing to show the property, Scott attempts to sell the property on a land contract with a "due on sale clause." (This is documented with a letter from Chris Moore and a Letter from GMAC Mortgage).

4. Scott removes my property from the MLS after I file a complaint with MIBOR. (Please review the document from MIBOR in the link below).

5. Scott flips his own listing for a $26,000 profit. This is documented with the purchase agreement and selling price of the property. (You will need to scroll to see these documents).

6. Scott refers to himself as a Christian Super Servant. He believes he is dedicated to "keeping the interest of his clients above all else." (This is documented on Scott Veerkamp's website in the link below).

7. Scott receives a warning letter from the office of the Indiana Attorney General. (This is documented with a letter I received from their office).
Warning Letter.pdf (51 KB)

8. Here is a copy of the response from Scott Veerkamp. (This is documented on a blog from ripoff report).

9. The MIBOR promise...

10. Comparative Market Analysis

I had to go to an independent real estate agent to get Comparative Market Analysis on the 8202 Eaton Court property. CMA shows an average selling price of $82 per square foot in this neighborhood. The square footage on the 8202 property is 1,420. Scott attempted to sell the property to Chris Moore for $145,000.

Please review Standard of Practice 1-3 in the Code of Ethics before analyzing the following information...

Comparative Market Analysis.pdf
Land Contract Information.pdf

Offender: Scott Veerkamp
Country: USA   State: Indiana   City: Indianapolis

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