charley's subs
contaminated spatulas, meats be careful

ok charley's subs is a good place. It's not as if it'sa bad place or bad service, however, i went to charley's to get a sandwich. I ordered a turkey sandwich and someone after me got a chicken. They were cooking my turkey and then put the "raw' chicken on the grill. They were messing with both meats, and the chicken of course was still 'raw.' They were about to put my meat on the bun, but began flipping the chicken and the raw side now touched the spatula clearly, and then he immediately took the DIRTY spatula that touched the raw meat and scooped up my turkey and put it on the bun-- ok that is totally gross and also not safe for anyone. The spatula was not heated cleaned had touched ANYTHING to sanitize it before he immediately took my turkey up and put it in the bun. This is common are cooking meats on a grill and don't have the sense to make sure a spatula is sanitary before scooping up someones meat and putting it on the bun? Ive been to charley's many times and that hasn't been a problem but this time it was. I felt disgusted eating the sandwich and feared i'd get food poisoning or something and had to go home and microwave the rest of it. If he had even moved my turkey around before putting it on the bun it would have been fine but all he did was touch the raw meat then scoop up my turkey...

after I got home I called the manager up to tell him what had happened and that he needs to watch out for that because it's just not safe at all to touch raw chicken with a spatula then pick up cooked turkey meat right away and put it on someone's sandwich. Though the manager was ok he began arguing with me trying to prove he was right and that the chicken he touched wasn't raw. I tried to tell him I watched the entire thing transpire and watched the spatula touch the RAW side of the chicken that hadn't been cooked and that the chicken wasn't even cooked period then my turkey was scooped up right away. Again the guy wanted to prove he was right and that that's how they do things there...again I hope that's not true because I witnessed the entire thing being cooked and how the spatula was dirty after it touched raw meat. Again he continued belligerently talking about how it was done and I was mistaken...anyway I guess the point is...nothing wrong with the place but I just hope they watch otu for cooking practices liek that that can put people's health in jeopardy. It's not that they're doing it on purpose but maybe they don't realize exactly what is happening...

Offender: charley's subs
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando

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