3t properties/valley wide realty
unlawful with holding of my money

Few years ago I stayed at one there properties after falling behind on my rent the owner filed a detainer against me. I answered and submitted documentation showing that the notices issued to me were different in dates and handwriting than the documentation they submitted with there claim. A few days later I was approached by an employee of 3T properties and was told if I sign and agree to be out of the unit within 2 weeks that the eviction would be dropped. And I was able to stick to that agreement. Now in January 29th of this year I was in a little better situation and was in great need of immediate placement I put $1700 down which was first month and deposit. Due to the fact thee apartment wasn't ready, thee owner told myself, roommate, and my daughter that he was going to give us back $300 of our deposit to put us in a motel room for five days and upon moving into our apartment provide receipts in the total value of $300 and it would be applied back to our deposit. When five days had come and past we were told it would be ready on the 6th. Once again that day had come and past. On the 7th I requested my money back not only because we had found another place but because we were losing money (motel rooms cost between $53.00-$58.00 that is costing us about $500 plus) On thee 8the I was informed my thee owner that he ran a credit check on me and found that I had a prior eviction with there company and that he had to consult withe the companies attorney to see if he could refund my deposit. So I paid a visit to thee court and my case was dropped by management withe nothing owed... thee 9th and 10th came and yes we were still staying in a motel (another $165) we were informed that management would be refunding $650 dollars back to us and that they were refusing to refund us the $300 and or plus from our stay at the motel because it could only be granted back upon the move in of one of there properties. And the money that they were taking was to pay for the cost of filing the eviction.

Offender: 3t properties/valley wide realty
Country: USA   State: California   City: Hemet

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