Bank of America
Improper use of funds

Since 1997 through the office of my Congressional representative it was established that BoA improperly managed about $20, 000 in funds paid to a mortgage I had with them. I was making advanced principal payments because of issues I had with a stalker who was my former business partner who had also cashed over $77, 000 in checks paid to our firm at BoA. BoA was not our corporate bank and he did this with fraudulent endorsement. I have been trying to get the monies back and am still getting a run around. The mortgage checks were either found sitting in a manager's office, put in a suspense account, or not cashed but never returned. BoA took action against me for a CA property that I had never owned and tried to foreclose on my home because of this. I had to get an attorney to get BoA to stop this fraudulent foreclosure and also act to get the money retuend but I amstill waiting. BoA did, through its legal office, determine that the checks cashed in Seattle Main BoA was imporper but Seattle PD refuses to take a compliant about it and BoA will not act either. Seems to me that the current Congress needs to carack the whip on this bank a lot harder than it is doing, and BoA CEO Moynihan needs to stop his bank's delay and frustrae people who have to deal with them and who try to get cooperation when no cooperation can be found there. Recntly BoA started harassing me with letters about foreclosure even though my current loan is in good standing as verified by the local branch VP. Sounds like thaey need an overhaul in management but they need to get this straightened out and stop their obstructive tactics to avoid resolution..

Offender: Bank of America
Country: USA   State: Washington

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