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Mortgage Foreclosure

I had a loan that was serviced by Marix Servicing. I fell behind on my payments due to a dramatic decrease in income along with an increase in child support. I was trying to save my home and contacted Marix to try and work out a modification. For two years I was told that they are working on it nd that they were waiting on word from the title company. However nothinig every came to fruition. I was forced to file bankruptcy and I still contacted them to see if anything could be done (lowering balance or decreasing payment amount) I was told by several representatives that lowering the balance or payments is not an option. I then recieved a letter stating that was loan was transfered. When in fact it was sold to an investor for a fraction over $100K when the loan balance was $500K. I then recieved a call from the investor stating that he wanted to do a "deed in lieu of foreclose". I did it just a day ago be cause he made it seem as if that was the only choice I had. I went out yesterday and ame home to find a for sale sign on my lawn. I did some research and the house is on the market for $229K. I am wondering if there is anything that I can do??? This is so unfair I wanted to keep my can Marix not wanted to work out a modification with me but sell the loan for so cheap.

Please if anyone out there has experienced this email me please

Thanks you in advance.

Offender: Marix Servicing
Country: USA   State: Florida

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