Nulook Floor, Las Vegas
Nulook Floor poor installation process

We have had numerous home improvement projects completed over the last 30 years. We chose NuLook Floors for our flooring needs because we wanted carpet, tile and wood flooring and thought it would be an advantage to use a store which could offer installation on all 3 kinds of flooring. We decided that instead of working directly with contractors we would use Nulook Floors. We thought Nulook would handle the details and communication with the installers. This did not turn out to be the case. Instead of being more efficient, this resulted in our having to deal with several sub-contractors ourselves and having to request any needed intervention from NuLook. NuLook did not take any initiative whatsoever in inspecting the subcontractors%u2019 work or making sure their subcontractors completed the jobs to our satisfaction.

We had carpeting removed from the stairs leading to the second floor and the adjoining upstairs hallway and replaced it with hard wood. The wood installer, Matt, did very poor work. The quote described the removal and re-installation of the stair banister and spindles. Instead he cut the bottoms of the spindles and he did not remove anything. The wood in the hall is visibly not straight/square. With a tape measure it is at least 1%u201D wider from end to end. The stair spindles were visibly off line and crooked. There was excess glue everywhere. There were gaps in the wood flooring where it met the closet. Matt also did not follow our instructions about which rooms needed threshold coverage and left carpet raw edges uncovered. The outer edges of the risers were also left completely uncovered.
We had the carpet removed from the living room/dining room and the master bathroom and replaced with tile. The tile installers were a little better. There was a 1%u201D section at the end of the living room that was filled with grout that should have had tile cut to fit. The master bathroom tile was installed and then grouted less than 1 hour later. I thought that the tile had to set for a minimum of 5 %u2013 6 hours before grout was installed.
We also had the carpeting in the master bedroom and guest bedroom replaced. The carpet installation was satisfactory, however the edge where the 2 pieces met was not matched as well as it could have been.
I called Nulook Floors and explained my concerns to Joseph. I had to beg to get someone to come out and inspect the work. Joseph came out and agreed that the wood work issues were obvious and the tile in the living room would be repaired. He said the tile installation in the master bathroom was normal because they used quick set. I still don%u2019t think this was right.
Nulook Floors had the tile installer correct the tile in the living room. When Matt came out to correct the wood floor issues he was very unhappy to have to come back. This created a very uncomfortable situation for us. Matt tried to discount all of our issues saying they were not his fault. He was argumentative and looked for every opportunity to get out of doing anything. He corrected a few items, left, and actually had to come back out a third time and still did not correct all of the issues. Someone from Nulook Floors should have been here to deal with their contractors. Joseph told us that when his boss Apollo returned he would come out to inspect the wood work and might compensate us in some way. I called and reminded Joseph of this statement 2 weeks later; they have not come out yet. We experienced other issues such as excessive carpet and tile lead times and very little communication initiated from Nulook.

Offender: Nulook Floor, Las Vegas
Country: USA   State: All USA

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